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Stories just for kids made with sounds

Maybe a voyage through the stars, an adventure to a world thought to be lost, journey over seas, or to a magical place with friendly monsters. That’s the opportunity each child will have when they open up Storytime Sounds app by Not on the High Street.

storytime sounds

The company more known for selling their various products curated from small creative businesses has introduced their first app, and it’s for kids. The free iOS app uses impactful sound effects and super-simple interface to help parents add to their library of bedtime stories.


Excursions app with offline navigation when traveling

You’re in Sydney and you feel like finding the best cup of java and only see the most stunning of sights….what do you do? Plenty of discovery apps exist to help put your plan together, plenty of to-do list apps exist to help make sure you hit up all the spots, and plenty of travel apps exist giving your guided tours throughout the city. But is there a best a one, or one that is only filled with details from locals who know best?


Excursions is a new travel discovery app providing short lists of places and recommendations created by locals who know best. You start by telling Excursions what you feel like doing, and the best excursions are then brought to you tailored to your taste, and then let Excursion seamlessly guide you through your journey with offline turn-by-turn navigation.


Capturing 3D images with Seene on your iPhone

There’s very few times now that a video or camera app new on the market makes us stop in our tracks and be worthy enough to share. The usual case of Instagram-esque filters or Photoshop-esque actions are thrown out the window with this application, instead it focuses on the surreal and down right eerie, yet so cool!


Seene, by computer vision company Obvious Engineering out of the UK and is built around smartphone sensors and WebGL to capture moments in 3D scenes. Each ‘seene’ captured is ported onto a 3D model of your photograph subject and as you maneuver around the perspective of seeing all angles is produced after you’ve shot it.


Sometimes a scribble says more than a word, picture or sound

Eskiis is a new and easy way to create and share visual messages with your friends on social media networks. Eskiis is as straightforward and even more simple as using a real marker pen and a piece of paper. There are Social Media Platforms to share your words, your photos, your voice or sounds, but eskiis aims to do it in a more visually simple way that’s fun at the same time.


The Android app lets users share and create visual messages, or little scribbles. Everyday we share photos on Instagram to share fashion, events, and ourselves but the team behind Swiss startup eskiis believes we will want to share ourselves in a more creative way. Scribbles or drawings have been a part of our culture from the dawn of time, it’s the universality of symbolism that makes them so easy to understand. Thus eskiis was developed to create a new way to share ourselves and engage with friends.


It’s like Mint, but for your stuff!

You own a ton of “things”, these “things” are placed everywhere, from your home to storage lockers to under your bed, but what are these “things” worth and what if you needed to apply an action to them? Trov helps you take account of the items in your life as a personal cloud app to share the value and securely organize the “things” you own.


By barcode scanning, emailing receipts, using third party database integrations and a plethora of additional connectivity modules Trov lets you catalogue information about the things you own and automatically saves it for future use. Maybe you want to add insurance or keep track of product insurance, possibly warranty details or maintenance records are essential to be recorded—Trov does it all.


The world’s largest BMX, Skateboard, MTB, Wakeboard, Ski, Snowboard and Longboard tricks database


Riders is an app for the extreme sport enthusiast—the athletes that not only live on the snow, skate and bike parks, and on the waves that want to learn new tricks, improve skills and share progress with a global community. With an acclaimed largest database of trick how-to videos, Riders helps users of their app learn tricks and improve their riding skills.


Seer for Gmail highlights exact phrases that need attention

Seer is for professionals who want handle important emails but don’t have hours to spend inside their inbox. The application helps users respond to urgent emails, follow-up on unanswered sent mails, and unsubscribe from emails they rarely read. They make it all possible by analyzing your emails to find unanswered questions from people you email frequently.


Working inside Gmail, the Seer notifies you with a little note about messages that require action that day. Once a note is sent the application breaks open an email to find questions that need your attention via filtering through email threads and history for only the important people. The note card shown gives a clear view of the question to be answered and the tools to do so (reply, add to calendar, or ignore).


Is your coffee keeping you awake?

Making sure we get seven to eight hours of sleep isn’t a new “thing” but a commonality that many of us are aware of. Insomnia and a lack of sleep grips our societies and the reasons are vast. One of the major influencers in sleep deprivation is our passion for caffeine. Jawbone, the company building fascinating wearable technologies has introduced Up Coffee, which will monitor your intake of caffeinated drinks (tea, soda, coffee to name a few).


Free to use the iOS app starts by taking in your standard details – age, weight, and height then it begins logging every cup of coffee or other caffeine filled drinks you consume. After usage the application then goes through to pop out a sleep time projection. Uses will be able to find out if bodily reactions result in jittery behaviors or disruptive sleep patterns. Figuring out if pick-me-ups are keeping you awake, by how much and how to change habits to sleep more soundly are part of the aims of Up Coffee.


Getting a delivery when you’re home not at work

Tired of lugging boxes onto the train home from work? Frustrated by missed package notifications? Now, instead of shipping to your office or home, ship to Luna. Luna receives all of your packages for you and delivers them at night, on your schedule, once you’re home. No more carrying big boxes uphill to your house, staying home from work for that new TV or missing the delivery of a last minute birthday present.

luna moonlit deliveries

Solving an actual problem for people that either miss a lot of deliveries, have them stolen, or hate waiting for packages is why Luna is so great. From the mind of Zack Shapiro, he like many others was slapped with inspiration when he kept missing shipment deliveries of a package of his own. His solution was to ship it to work were he knew he would be, but his delivery was a 50lb kettlebell. Now imagine is his pains of having to lug it back after work all the way back home. A reality that we’re sure has slapped a lot of you as well.


Peek Calendar uses the human mental model

Peek is more than a calendar, it’s designed to be more human, not designed to be just visually appealing (which it is) rather driven with a people first philosophy. From the team at Square Mountains, a new calendar app that aims to bring value to people’s lives—a glanceable and intuitive calendar for the iPhone that is fluid and fast providing a glimpse at your daily schedule without the additional other data or details.

Peek calendar

Not intended for the power users, the San Francisco and Tallinn based team (Velvet Creative Alliance) isn’t looking to overwhelm you with tools for the calendar, rather their approach is for a more general audience that needs a simple calendar experience on the go. The Peek website describes the experience “that is more aligned with what we need and want on the go instead of our needs and wants being dictated by technology. The design is guided by four core values. These values are derived from the demands and aspirations of the user and are used to define the Peek calendar experience.”