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This category features posts related to apps for every type of mobile device and covers ideas for this 21st century industry. Here you’ll find games, social media, education and life hack apps that will be worthwhile for to download onto a smartphone.

Persona: Share Everything About You in Pictures


We love pictures! We love pictures so much that companies like Instagram and Pinterest have captured our hearts as the go-to places to discover, share, be inspired and learn through visuals. Persona uses the power of photos to describe everything “About You”. It is the app that tells you a hundred things about your friend you may never have thought to ask and at the same time, it tells the world about you. And it does all of this at the speed of sight.


Moojive: Find Out Where Friends Are When Going to a Facebook Event


At SXSW one of the biggest startups showcasing their product was Highlight, which is a fun way to learn more about the people nearby. Moojive is a mobile app that extends event planning by making it easy to plan events on the go, and to find out where your friends are located when heading out.


Frames: A Time-Lapse and Stop Motion iPhone App

frames app

Time-lapse and stop motion movies are created by taking a series of sequential pictures and playing them back at a certain speed – creating a flip book type of effect that is quirky and whimsical. Frames is a new app that makes the process of creating time-lapse and stop-motion movies simple and fun on your iPhone in 720p HD.


Khoya is a Storytelling App That Asks You To Discover the World Around You


We’ve been uncovering a lot of children’s based apps lately around our office because of the sheer enjoyment and inspirational interface development coming about in that genre. It truly is fascinating how developers and those with imaginations are developing ideas to capture the spirit of children in the interactive playground of a tablet. Shilo Shive Suleman, an Indian illustrator, animator and visual artist based out of Banglore created a beautiful animated storybook for the iPad that invigorates children to use their imagination and all five of their senses called Khoya.


InstaMatch: The Instagram Game

instamatch instagram game

What happens when you combine Instagram: the popular photo sharing platform, with the creative minds of Tiny Hearts: an award winning app studio in Toronto? You get the first iPad and iPhone game that uses Instagram’s open API that is not only addictive, hours of fun but also visually stunning and intuitive.


Wigglehop: An App to Make Movie Planning Simple


Wigglehop is an iPhone and iPad app that is dead simple to use to help us select movies to go and see – A simple task for an app that is able to do so with an elegant and intuitive design. Wigglehop isn’t just a movie planner, it’s also a backup movie planner. Because even best laid plans can fall apart, Wigglehop recommends and lets us plan for times when dinner may involve two bottles of wine instead of one, thus resulting in being an hour past schedule. With Wigglehop, we simply pick up the next movie in our plan and we’re back in business.


Totoya Creatures: Turn iPads and iPhones into Huggable Interactive Toys

totoya creatures

Kid’s toys have evolved so much since the days of G.I. Joe action figures and My Little Pony Dolls – now tablets and electronic devices are being coupled with tangible toys to make way for a new level of “play time”. Creative agency Carnation Group has just unveiled a genius design that turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a lovable, huggable and furry plush toy for children.


Unstuck: An App To Help You During Challenging Times


Everyone gets stuck sometimes, whether it be because there is a lack of inspiration, not knowing how to lead a team or wondering what to do next. When that happens there is an app for that. Unstuck, for the iPad, helps you work through challenging situations by guiding you through steps and questions that will eventually help launch action.


Openspace: A Real-Life App Store


With apps readily available for download via your iTunes app store and the Android Marketplace, it made us wonder: Could the online app stores be available as a traditional brick and mortar retail space? The owners of Openspace think so. The online app store recently opened the first physical real-life app store in Boulder, Colorado.




Taggie is a concept application that helps children research where foods in the supermarket come from. Designed by Niels van Hoof, a Dutch design student, the application was created for a graduation project at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, but now could serve as a great education resource for children in the future.