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This category features posts related to apps for every type of mobile device and covers ideas for this 21st century industry. Here you’ll find games, social media, education and life hack apps that will be worthwhile for to download onto a smartphone.



Our favorite productivity tool for a long time has been HQ by Sleeping Giant to manage our tasks and to do lists, and there have been very few apps that performed with the same ease and simplicity with a stylish framework. But the team from Art4Web has come together with Advanced Shopping s.r.o. to offer an iPhone app that is comparable and easy on the eyes.




Ever try to setup a Full Windsor knot or perfectly puff out your tie-bow that would turn heads on Wall Street? The anger and teeth-grinding efforts of getting that perfect tie might be coming to an end with the TieSight app.




Roamz is a travel companion app for your iPhone that helps you discover new places around you. By integrating into your social media accounts (Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and Instagram), Roamz provides a live filterable stream that gives you an overview of what others are talking about in your current local area.


Cards by Apple


Many years ago a company called was founded, their goal was to change the mailing industry by making it simpler, easier and in the form of a web application. Sadly, that startup began to fizzle away and a new generation of technology to post mail applications have become available that are not only more seamless, interactive and usable but also can be done on the go. Apple recently announced the launch of Cards – a simple way for you to send a folded letterpress card from your iPhone or iPod Touch.




We’ve been discussing children’s apps within the team recently and what goes into making a successful kid’s app. Does the design have to be imaginative or does the user experience / ease of use of have to be a more dominant factor? Children have boundary-less imagination and trying not to stifle that creativity while still developing a kid-friendly application can be a daunting task. But when we stumbled upon Suwappu our debate heightened. This gorgeous and well thought-out application puts augmented-reality with a toy to be viewed on a smartphone, but is this app more for kids or an older demographic that collects toys and understands what augmented-reality is.


Parking in Motion


Looking for parking can be not only a hassle but a frustration that can sometimes lead to aggressive behavior, confusion and arguments. Parking in Motion, or PIM, is a smarter way to park – by providing rates, hours, entrance points, and occupancy information with 500+ cities in the US, Canada and Europe. With PIM, you will be able to navigate through various parking locations in relation to your geo-location and take the pain out of wondering where to park.




This London-based startup has recently launched a social networking app that makes photo collaboration an easy experience. With a slick and light weight UI, Eeve is doing what Color failed at: making it possible to take photos and share them with others in close proximity with simplicity, ease of use and an outstanding user experience.




Waking up could become a new way to express and embrace creativity through the TalkO’Clock app. This interesting new app connects you with others who are volunteering to wake you up through their “creative” means. The app will be free and users simply signup through the TalkO’Clock website, setup a time for when they want to be woken up and pick the gender of whom they would like to receive a call from. TalkO’Clock will then choose a name at random from its database of volunteer callers, call them anonymously and then connect them to you. Then its up to the caller to wake up the receiver.



Composite App

Composite was developed about a year ago by James Alliban as software that allowed you to paint with the use of a webcam. Composite as an app became a reality when the iPad 2 was released and James could now apply his software to a mobile device. Composite lets you re-envision (paint) your surroundings by creating compositions via the front and back facing cameras on the iPad 2.




Last Wednesday, Google released their stamp in the mobile photography app market by launching Photovine. The application gives iPhone users the opportunity to share photos in public threads called ‘vines’.