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Founded by the duo of Sinisa Komlenic and Zeljko Gudelj, BlogIn is a platform for managing internal blogs. Originally the founders started out building WordPress themes to help build a beautiful internet for everyone to share their ideas, soon after they altered their attention to building a project that was a tool that will be useful for each and every employee, for newbies and seniors, this year and next year and ten years from now.

blogin an internal company blog

“It’s time to stop sending unnecessary emails and start collecting knowledge and expertise, all in one place.” That’s how Sinisa describes the benefit of BlogIn, which was created out of a personal need for their own team to facilitate communications internally. The simple mindset in design and experience allows for a fully hosted internal blog for your custom domain including an unlimited number of team members that can create as many pages and posts that may be needed.

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Sharing news within a team helps not only boost morale but also keeps everyone abreast of developments without having to deal with cumbersome project management tools. Employees want to share and communicate in the easiest ways possible and while project management tools provide a variety of tools, they sometimes can be overwhelming to use. BlogIn attempts to simplify the internal communications and Wiki of corporate details with the familiar blogging style framework to entice communications and reduce the learning curve often associated with internal knowledge sharing platforms.

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BlogIn starts at $10 a month or for an annual plan at $100 you also attain two months of free usage.

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