Categorize your favorite tweets

Twitter is a brilliant concept. It’s huge because it’s fundamentally SO BAD: Synchronous Open Broadcast Advancing Dialogue. Its obvious that Twitter is the best tool of communication and keeping in touch around the World with what your friends, co-workers and others are doing. But with its huge popularity and number of users the more tweets are going to fill your timeline, lists and groups. Eventually there is going to be a point where you’ll want to save certain tweets and “Favorites” will be your handy option. But even then eventually that list will be incredibly massive.


That’s why Artur Bobinski & Amber Bobinski started Tweetbits. A new and easy way to organize and categorize your tweets. You start with two free bins to drag and drop and a Pro plan lets you access an unlimited pool of bins and access an unlimited number of tweets. Even better the Pro plan at $7/month or $60/year lets you discover and save “Favorite Tweets” marked by friends while archiving, restoring, or deleting tweets forever.

import friends

Tweetbits aims to transform the way you save your tweets in Twitter and become a time capsule for all of your tweets, neatly organized. To get started with Tweetbits, you require a Twitter account and some saved tweets within “Favorites”, at which time Tweetbits will request access to your account so you can import all of your latest tweets, save them and organize them into your newly created and color coded categories.

If you want to get started using Tweetbits use coupon code: ‘newstartupideas’ and save 15% on a yearly plan.

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