Category: Creative Arts

This category covers music, art, photography, dance and other forms of artistry that people use to express them selves creatively. New businesses show off what they do to help, inspire and develop creativity.


Cog’aoke is a karaoke competition and party that is held between contestants and then voted upon by the public. Karaoke is not a new idea or a startup revolution, but with the successes of YouTube and Vimeo, and the success of YouTube singers that have parlayed their online videos into recording contracts, it would be only time until a karaoke contest online could be held.


Art In My Coffee

Art in my Coffee is a Tumblr based blog, which has one specific task, showcase art creations in your mocha. Coffee is a staple in almost everyone’s daily life, and sometimes you’re struck with an exceptional barista masterpiece, which will surely be soon consumed by an undeniable thirst.


Brite Revolution

Brite Revolution brings community, non-profit social causes and music to help creative artists be musicians without losing an arm and a leg through distribution and other practical costs. With the digital age and the ever expansive download abilities, musical artists lose their ability to profit from their heart and soul being poured into their craft. Brite Revolution charges only $4.99 per month for you to download free music from some of the most intriguing recording artists in the world.