Although not a new company, DBA is relatively new. Founded in 2008, what really caught our eye about this New York based company was its new site design and how its brand works cohesively with the new artistry to show off the minimalistic / efficient products they produce.

DBA prides itself on producing products that “combine aesthetic strength, technical innovation and ecologically effective principles”. And these products are as such honestly simply with a focus on user needs. Along with the companies belief in using “responsible materials, efficient construction and intelligent packaging” they have now produced a web design that further strengthens their corporate position.

Companies with new business ideas should take great effort in understanding what DBA has been able to do with their new site design. They have combined their aesthetic and production techniques into a website to further enhance their brand position and reinstate in their customers their desire to create products that feel and look good yet are simple for their specific uses.

DNA Pen and Notebook

DBA products themselves are quite diverse from pens and notebooks to heaters and humidifiers. Check them out and let us know what you think of how this startup has been able to capture artistic prowess in product creation and web marketing.

Note: No longer in business.

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