Olioboard gives the designer in you the platform to experiment with various styles, patters, textures and colors to mix and match and create your ideal space. Moodboards is in its simplest form a brainstorm map, but with visual elements. Its an interactive tool that helps you experiment with styles and help set a mood for your space. Traditionally done with Bristol board and magazine pictures cut out to set the feel, Olioboard gives you a virtual space to help configure your artistic visions.

Through this virtual platform, Olioboard gives you a ton of items, through its library, to help you put together the moodboard, you also have the opportunity to add in your own elements and save the collection of sets for future use. Olioboard lets you rotate, scales, flip, flop, frame and crop any item and then lets you drag and drop where it should go to set the contrast of your items and see how they play off of each other.

If you’re looking to create your own moodboard and don’t want to mess with glue sticks and scissors, or just need inspiration and want to view a gallery of pre-created configurations, Olioboard gives it all to you – with its clever and easy to use tools.

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