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This category features new business ideas relating specifically to fashion. With companies providing offerings in the areas of shoes, accessories, apparel and applications for the social fashion-ista’s, these posts are for those looking to find companies helping everyone be more fashion conscious.

The airbag helmet: Hövding

There are bike helmets, and then there’s the Hövding. Essentially an airbag for your head, the stylish Swedish design by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin isn’t a product you should just giggle at when hearing the term “airbag for your head.”


Housed inside a stylish scarf, the safety guards of this bike helmet combust out when you crash and surrounds the globe that sits atop your personal frame. The collar or scarf contains the air bag itself, helium to inflate the bag, and sensors to ensure the Hövding fires at the right moment.


Stylish wearable technology every woman would wear

Wearable technology for the woman is growing as much as it has for the man and the athlete last year. Ringly follows suit by creating smart jewelry and accessories. Their first set of products, available for pre-order, are stylish rings that tell you when your phone is ringing.


While wearable technology has remained not so “chic”, Ringly goes a step further to be fashionable then any other. Each ring is 18k gold and combined with precious and semi-precious stones. Designed not be developers and user experience designers, rather actual and committed jewelry designers made sure these smart rings were more than a technology marvel but an accessory worth wearing.


The more that’s shared on social media the more naked the wearer becomes

Designed by Xuedi Chen and Pedro G.C. Oliveira, the X.Pose takes wearable technology to a sexy new level. The corset isn’t just a fashion statement from the duo’s mind, it’s also connected to one’s smartphone to pass data. And as more data gets passed the more revealing the corset becomes.


The 3D-printed corset is just another new advancement in the booming wearable technology industry, but this is the first we’ve heard of one that tracks data to impact how the worn piece changes. Using Arduino and Bluetooth an application shares data with a layer of reactive displays. As the wearer shares information on various social networks the meta data controls various patches on the corset, the corset then alters in opacity and form.


Custom reversible ties and bow ties made to fit you

“For the longest time, I had talked about wanting to start a business to cater to guys like me. Guys who aren’t necessarily fashion forward or style educated, but still wanted to look good.”


Ming Justin Cheung, owner of Puzzle Creations, is not only leading a hair and makeup firm in Toronto but now has also launched TYTAN—A line of custom ties and bow ties for any occasion. As a hair stylist Ming often is found working with brides and grooms, which has had his ears perked with many discussion on grooms having a hard time finding ties/bowties to coordinate with event. And for many for us we’re sure have had the moment of preparing for an event but couldn’t afford nor find a custom tie to stand out like Kanye at the Grammys.


Siri but with a face, Nuji app for the acute shopper

Some have described it as Siri with a face—the popular Nuji web platform is coming out with their own new mobile app for the acute shopper. Since London-based Nuji launched their website, visitors have flocked to build and browse wishlists and follow top brands or the most prestigious fashion editors. Helping users to find clothing, accessories and home wares, Nuji has been a prominent fixture in the online shopping experience for years.

nuji app

Now with a soon to be released mobile app the shopping platform is taking all their experience, products and social build and packing it all for use in a handheld. It may be easy to say however that there are already numerous solutions for fashion discovery, well the difference here is the personality behind the experience.


ASAP54 taps the crowd for fashion identification

Going through Pinterest, Tumblr, and many other sites is bound to bring about pictures that peek interest—but a question that also pops us regularly is “where can I get that?” Getting information about a fashion piece can be a real difficulty when most times descriptions with images are nil or just a beautiful picture with no details leaving a viewer stumped.


ASAP54 is an app that relies on the crowd and other fashion experts to share informative details on a garment along with recommendations. Much like a social network that we’re very accustomed to, users of the app can befriend and follow style gurus of interest to discuss purchases and other items spotted, ASAP54 is a fashion spotting app that looks to do better then competitors like Snap Fashion.


Granify drives e-commerce results with big data

The extent of e-commerce in our lives isn’t a minor deal anymore. Virtual browsing is so normal that you can easily go through tens of sites in a matter of an hour scouring for the best deals and the product you want. But where you decide from may not always be defined by price but a multitude of other reasons. Granify takes the guesswork out of converting virtual window shoppers into buyers for retailer sites.

granify for ecommerce

Using big-data and their system of artificial intelligence Granify seeks danger points before your customers flock away, and instead inserts messages with contextual relevance to keep customers from bouncing away. The Canadian company that has been backed by strong venture capital firms automatically maximizes revenue for online retailers by identifying shoppers that aren’t going to buy and changing their minds — before they leave the site — by harnessing the power of real-time big data and machine learning.


Disrupting the haircut industry with MyKlipsPics

“I went to the barber shop today and they asked me how I want my hair cut… I never know how to answer this question… and it makes me uncomfortable. I want an app where I can just choose from a series of cuts / prior photos of me / maybe do a little on-screen editing, and then say—MAKE IT LIKE THAT.”


Those were the words from founder of and now Facebook’s Director of Product Development Samuel W. Lessin. Well lucky for Samuel and everyone else feeling uncomfortable with the “how should I cut my hair” question there’s a new app to simplify the haircut process. MyKlipsPics allows users to show their stylist photos of their desired haircuts instead of relying on verbal explanations.


Imperium Denim

“What you wear is a reflection of who you are”, words you often hear and words that are what inspire Canadian startup Imperium Denim. Declared as jeans to bring out the leader in you, every pair tells a different story which shows that we can stand out with our actions. Made eco-friendly from cotton and recycled plastic bottles, these jeans are more than a style statement but a social statement.

imperium denim

Each pair is named after a great leader, and founder Andrew Moussa describes the jeans as having “back pockets [with] barb wire stitching which reminds you to keep your boundaries behind you, our left pocket has a quote to inspire you, and the coin pocket has a unique pocket square design.”


No more stains with Silic shirts

Do you spill things on yourself all the time? Or are you a parent and your kids think your t-shirt is their personal napkin. Then you need to put on a couple of these Silic t-shirts.


The “self-cleaning” shirts are made with hydrophobic nanotechnology and have already surpassed its Kickstarter goal by seven times. The shirt is made with a polyester fabric that is then layered with billions of silica particles, which make sure no stain will ever be present on you ever again.