Often when shopping or trying on clothes we ask ourselves “does this look good on me?” And, if we’re so lucky to have a fashionista as a friend we can get their opinions before going out on the street in a polk-a-dot shirt and tie-died pair of pants with pink Crocs. But what do our style-expert friends get out of helping out with fashion advice other then a smile and a thank you? Fashonify.com is giving them a chance to earn money for providing fashion feedback to those looking for advice.

Fashonify.com is a site that helps members get opinions and feedback on their style and you can earn money for giving advice. Member’s that receive opinions can then send thank-you’s in the form of cash (of which 70% goes directly to the one offering the feedback). By being your true fashion-thinking individual you get paid for offering advice, but the better the feedback the more likely members will be willing to pay-out for the thoughts.

Members post their pictures and descriptions on they style they are looking for advice on, then users add comments and vote on the style to help deliver fashion-conscious decisions. There will always be a time when fashion advice is needed (first date’s or a new interview for example) and Fashonify.com is a great place to get valued feedback from fashionistas from around the globe You will also be confident that the advice is coming with your best interests in mind because it could earn them money. Next time you want to know if that coat you love needs to be thrown away or not, try out Fashonify.com

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