Relationships have many high notes and low notes, but starting out dating someone new always should start on the right note, and a note that both parties can vibe with. Fellody helps music lovers find other people to have fun with or to flirt with based on mutual tastes in music. The new startup, Fellody (fellow + melody), by Thomas Vatter and Robin Simon, focuses on music taste as the major criteria for harmony between two people.

A little bit of social networking, a splash of matchmaking and a boat load of music – Fellody scans users’, music libraries (iTunes and Windows Media Player) via a desktop client to understand a person’s musical taste. The app studies genres of music, how often certain songs are played, and artist names – to name a few elements – in order to create an accurate profile for comparison to other Fellody users. Once Fellody has analyzed a music library, users’ are given a ranked list of others who fit their musical preferences in their local area. And to further the personality profile, a usual questionnaire about dating, lifestyle and personality traits is offered to round out each profile.

While looking through profiles, users will be able to send each other flirts through messages or friend requests to connect and possibly find a new partner. It should be noted though that Fellody does not intend to be another site that tries to actively get you a new romantic partner, but rather offer a playground to flirt, share music and maybe even a new partner. “Show me your music and I can tell you who you are – and who matches you. Music is an important part of our lives and reveals a lot about us, and our attitudes toward life and people around us”, says Co-Founder Thomas Vatter.

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Because privacy is also a concern, and not everyone will want to install a desktop client to share a music library for analysis – users can also upload their iTunes XML manually if they prefer or connect to their Last.fm account to have their music-style checked.

Q & A with Robin Simon

Who are the Founders of Fellody?
fellody founders
The two founders are Thomas Vatter and Robin Simon. Both studied Business Administration. While Thomas focused on Marketing, Robin focused on Information Technology. Thomas worked several years as Product Manager for ProSieben Sat1 Media Group and Robin has already founded two companies before fellody, a picture agency and a Media-Database Company. Both spent most of their spare time with music, Robin has a band called Grant Lassie.

What made you want to create Fellody?
We were at a concert when we realized that most people around us where rather beautiful, looked interesting, while most people you see on the street are somehow different. So we figured out that it’s the music that defines our style, our looks and our interests. That’s how we came up with the idea to match people based on their taste in music.

How do you see Fellody evolving over the next few years?
We will introduce new features on a regular basis, and there will be mobile apps soon so you got “fellody to go”. Another important step will be to connect the fellody online-world with the real life: we want our members to meet in person at concerts and club-events.

What important feature does everyone need to know about Fellody?
The most important feature is our complex matching. We check itunes- or Windows Media Player-libraries or with two simple click members can connect to last.fm (and soon other online services) so we can analyze their taste in music and create a list of people that match!

How do you think Relationships / Love evolves after someone flirts with another on Fellody?
Well, music is a great topic to talk about, so on fellody it’s not just some flirting without a reason but it’s talking about something both members love: music. Ideally we get people to meet in real life, go to a concert together.

Any final words for someone looking for love?
We all know, that love doesn’t just happen every day. But the more we open our eyes and take a look around us the better are the chances to find somebody. Sometimes it’s the small things that make a person charming and often we don’t realize it because we are busy complaining about everything. And of course there’s fellody to help…

We play music everyday at our New-Startups.com offices and it’s a daily part of each person’s unique personality, so it’s easy to see how important a role music can play in understanding compatibility of a possible new partner. It’s the holiday season and you should try out Fellody if you’re looking to do a little online flirting, find new music or forge new friendships.

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