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Covering companies that provide catering, liquors, beers, take-out and other tummy filling treats – this category features startups that are serving food, apps and services to make eating, drinking, dining and cooking a more fulfilling experience.

Online grocer Relay Foods expands in the Mid-Atlantic region

Now in downtown Durham, the Charlottesville, Virginia startup is now in five markets with operations also in Richmond, Baltimore, and Washington. Relay Foods lets customers place orders order’s for groceries, which can then be picked up the next day at one of their locations. With no signup fees or additional costs, prices for shopping on the website are in line with those offered by bigger brands such as Whole Foods and Harris Teeter.

relay foods

The grocery store has been around for five years, but beyond being just a online grocery store, users also get the chance to choose items from local vendors. Groceries then can be picked up or in select communities with distribution deliveries for an extra fee is possible.


Food tours in toronto worth savouring

Founded in 2013, Savour Toronto is a startup not like the usual tech based ones we cover. The project and experience is a locally owned one and independently operated business focused on providing unique, intimate culinary excursions and activities for locals and visitors. Their tours and events are designed with guidance, advice and expertise by local food and wine experts, writers and journalists. Each tour is carefully researched and developed with the local perspective in mind. A Highly passionate team caring about what they do and have pride themselves in offering enriching experiences.

savour toronto

With summer blossoming and Toronto shedding it’s winter coat the culinary experience in a vibrant city is never seen such heights. Before places like New York or Paris were considered the ultimate in food indulgence, but Toronto has grown spades to become a go to location for not just tourists but those living in the city to rediscover an emerging food scene.


Two subscription services to eat and drink with this summer

Flowbox helps you discover new natural, healthy, eco-friendly products by filling a box with green goodies every month and delivering it to your door. The subscription box service aims to help customers discover new healthy, natural and eco-friendly products by making a selection each month and sending it to their doorstep. Each box is filled with handpicked organic, fair-trade and eco-friendly products determined with careful selection and theme organization each month.


The concept introduces customers to conscious businesses, both big and small and their products. Subscriptions range from £21.95 / month or as little as £60.85 for three month plans. To give an idea what you’ll find in this healthy and eco-conscious box set, the latest one was filled with falafel mix, hair conditioner, miso, chili paste, incense, bars, nut mixes, and coffee all of which had a combination of being vegan, organic, cruelty-free, gluten free, fair-trade, and/or eco-friendly.


A coffee startup that’s all cubes

Jiva Coffee Cubes don’t look like the passion educing lifestyle ingredient that percolate over lovers of java. The smell of a fresh roast or the hand pressed love that goes into a French Press are just a few of times when euphoric senses can take over. But sometimes there just isn’t room in the day to make a fresh brew, or you’re headed out with only “fake-coffee-shops” around. That’s where Jiva Coffee Cubes come in.

jiva coffee cube

Using raw cane sugar the company makes coffee cubes using Single Estate Colombian coffee that’s gluten free, vegan, kosher, non-GMO, and fair trade. Think of it as combining sugar and coffee into a compact little block. Drop a Jiva Coffee Cube into your favorite Star Wars coffee mug, pour some hot water over it, and voila high-end delicious coffee to be consumed quickly and anywhere you are.


A tea cup that’s a SlingsHOT

One of our most popular articles of all time was our share of the Fogring. The little donut shaped device would fit into a tea cup and used ultrasound while it floated on water to become a humidifier. The little ideas that fit in or relate to a tea cup definitely astound and inspire us. That’s why this invention by Samir Sufi made us jump from our seats.

teacup slingshot

The Tea Cup SlingsHOT takes a traditional tea cup and turns into a marvel of usability. Any tea lover will tell you one of the greatest frustrations with enjoying the warm beverage is making sure to get every inch of taste from a tea bag along with getting rid of the soaked bag as well. Usually it finds us pressing a spoon against the outer walls of a teacup while the bag oozes out it’s deliciousness, but that get’s tiresome.


Drinking with authenticity, is my beer a craft brew?

If one thing seems to be a constant with the definition of a startup it usually seems to be beer. In the past we’ve talked about apps such as Untapped to meet other beer connoisseurs looking for craft beers. Now a new app has launched to ensure what you’re drinking truly is a microbrew.

beer craft check

The craft beer market has boomed over the recent years, the evidence shows in the grand number of craft beer festivals that are launching when in the past a show hardly ever existed. The growing acclaim for microbrews has even found it’s way into larger breweries providing their own signature craft brews to keep back competitors in their beverage market.


A smart egg tray for egg lovers

For the ultimate grilled cheese breakfast or meal this recipe that puts an egg in the middle with just one piece of bread is beyond delicious. And if the pictures themselves don’t make your mouths water we must will wonder if you truly are human. But besides the cheese and bread a grilled cheese of this nature calls for the perfect egg, that’s when you you’ll need the Egg Minder in the fridge.


Available for sale on Quirky, and invented by Rafael I. Hwang the digital egg tray does more than just hold your eggs it gives vital feedback. The tray connects to a smartphone app and signals how many eggs you have left along with the freshness of each one. An LED light flutters on beside the egg that’s been in place the longest and once removed moves to the next in line of age.


Fridge Magnet tells the freshness of your food

It happens often, you buy a head of lettuce it then gets pushed to the back of your refrigerator only to be forgotten and then goes spoiled entering culinary heaven as an inconsumable. Of course this goes beyond lettuce but all edibles, with the concept design by Liao Haibo, Hu Yaxing, Chen Zhipeng and Tang Yigang their invention can help the end to wondering the specs of your food.

fridge magnet

The QR Fridge Magnet, recent winner of the 2013 Red Dot Award, is a tiny device transparent tool, which displays text with imagery about your food. A scan of a QR code on fruits or vegetables displays information such as production date and location that can then be affixed to your appliances. Going forward the freshness details are updated for quick overview keeping you aware at all times when items are past expiration.


Pairing film with a culinary experience in Mise

In the culinary world ‘mise en place’ and ‘mise en scène’ in the filmmaking world both evoke a respect for having ‘everything in its right place,’ whether it’s for making a meal or for setting the stage of a scene. But for young entrepreneurs Jenny Chan, Alvin Campana, Raymond Joo, and Benny Cha Cha Chan; ‘Mise’, as a culinary experience, is defined by a unique, carefully considered approach to pairing these two worlds; presenting each element to excite each guest’s taste buds and inspire imaginations.

mise timpano

Last week were delightfully invited to share in the second pilot run of Mise in a friendly suburb of Toronto. We had an idea of how the night would transpire: with a movie and a meal of course, but we had no clue the culinary adventure that was about to leave us wanting so much more. The four course meal was paired with the 1996 entrepreneurial escapades of two failing restaurateurs in the Big Night. The Stanley Tucci film with appearances by an unexpectedly skinny Marc Anthony shares the story of two Italian brothers taking a startup gamble to save their business.


Only invited chefs get to share recipes for you to follow

Apps, websites, platforms; there are so many places to find a recipe to make those baked parmesan chicken nuggets you love so much or those cookies that take you back in time when you dipped your hand into mommy’s cookie jar. With all these opportunities to find recipes, how do you know it’s the best place for you or how do can you be confident that the recipes being provided are from chefs that are worthy to follow?


Battr is a new home for recipes where the chef’s are pre-approved by invite only to guarantee that the recipes you follow are worth creating. The site to show and tell for chefs creates a marketplace for the culinary best to show off their talents, giving the user the most delectable treats available.