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You deserve your own personal assistant

New York startup Fancy Hands connects you with what we all need, a personal assistant. Using one flat fee, startup founders can realize what it’s like to hand off work to another for a change without ever having to scour, post and personally spend time finding a person to fill the ole.

fancy hands

Pricing is set in tiers per month or yearly costing less than a dollar a day with leveled number of requests that can be asked. Once signed up the varying levels of administration tasks can be pawned off to Fancy Hands support team.


Temperature control in your building via the crowd

Luckily for us winter is coming to an end, in some parts it’s extend far beyond expectations. During the cold months some embrace under a blanket others crank that heater to cope with Mother Nature’s fury. CrowdComfort is a new tool that helps those in charge of facilities find the perfect temperature setting by tapping into the crowd for feedback.


While crowd-sourcing the perfect temperature is ridiculous in residential home, but in buildings usually one man is heading up the control of everyone’s temperature happiness. Either his settings are standard building management rules and regulations or just a whim of what he or she thinks is best, which is hardly scientific.


Who would you love to talk to for 12 minutes?

Who would you love to talk to for 12 minutes? Who would you want to learn from, build insights from for your startups grow, or get that valuable connection with? 12ish has taken a concept we’ve seen before in which people could pay based on minutes to chat with someone they found useful, but with the 12ish concept chats are set at 12 minutes.


12 minutes is just the right amount of time for a meaningful phone call and if you’re passionate about what you do and love discussing it with others then 12ish lets you know only meet new people but also get paid while doing so. 12ish helps passionate people make money by talking about the things they love. Set a weekly schedule and a price, and people can book a phone call with you. Both your phone and theirs ring at the scheduled time and 12ish bridges both parties privately for precisely 12.5 minutes. Payment is collected and then automatically delivered to you.


TinyTorch helps businesses share engaging and relevant content on social media

78% of consumers say that the posts made by companies on social media influence their purchases but more than 65% of businesses struggle to produce enough engaging content to build their social following says Calgary startup TinyTorch. The startup helps businesses find and post content that not only is relevant but engaging to post on social media.


In less than the time it takes to get a cup of java brewing TinyTorch allows business to find and schedule a months wroth of content. Businesses and brands can also create their own custom content, and then save it to their profile for their own use or for other businesses and brands to share. Unlike some of their competitors, that only provide you with a content stream of trending news links, “we recognized that visual and original content get more likes and higher engagement. That is why our social content is custom created by social media experts, designers, and bloggers, who want to expose their skills, websites, and knowledge to a network of businesses and their social audiences ” tells co-founder Jon Bradshaw.



Our collaboration and chat interfaces for a long time has been the usual comment and reply feed, but HUM seems to try to apply a new approach to how we collaborate by enabling a more inbox looking experience.


The new tool “powers immediate responses, organizes your important conversations, and simplifies messages in a cleaner, smarter design.” By taking the best parts of an inbox HUM applies what we’ve grown accustomed to for collaboration in real time to organize ourselves for a more robust communication.


A Databox for executives and decision makers

Continuing our feature of big data startups from yesterday; Databox is an award winning application that helps you take your business data and view it in a simple and intuitive way. Building the “Best Mobile Executive Dashboard” their application aggregates data from various business applications, visualizes and delivers important business insights in a way that makes sense when you are mobile. This gives executives access to real-time data and helps make better decisions, faster.


Databox can connect to any data source inside a company and deliver metrics that matter. Currently they offer integrations with 18 Cloud applications such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Analytics, MailChimp and many others. Recently the startup was selected as a finalist in the Enterprise and Big Data Technologies category for SXSW’s Accelerator competition.


Front is a collaborative inbox treasure chest of tools

Front – Work as a team on your company inboxes. No more dirty bcc, cc or fw. No more unanswered emails. That’s how the website describes this collaborative inbox software that hopes to amaze you and email management all over again. While the website itself leaves you only with the former and may not be too descriptive, never fear that’s why we’re here. With early access to the inbox tool center for those having multiple users working on one, we were not only amazed but also blushing over the experience and ease of use. A new friend in our better customer service workflow and it’s name Front.

front collaborative email inbox

Collaborative features are pretty much everywhere. Basecamp for project planning, knowledge share wiki’s and even software development optimization platforms, and many more, there seems to be an outlet for collaboration no matter what you’re doing—but why is email still not progressing fast enough? Solutions do exist, but none look as beautiful and play as well as Front or they focus on just building a better experience instead of solving for collaborations. Front adds the features we’re used to in communications tools such as comments, notifications, assignments and focused feeds making it much easier to stay on top of one inbox as a team rather than turning to the old hat of BCC’ing. More than a glowing interface it’s an arsenal of tools to build a useful workflow to group email management.


BlogIn to communicate with your team

Founded by the duo of Sinisa Komlenic and Zeljko Gudelj, BlogIn is a platform for managing internal blogs. Originally the founders started out building WordPress themes to help build a beautiful internet for everyone to share their ideas, soon after they altered their attention to building a project that was a tool that will be useful for each and every employee, for newbies and seniors, this year and next year and ten years from now.

blogin an internal company blog

“It’s time to stop sending unnecessary emails and start collecting knowledge and expertise, all in one place.” That’s how Sinisa describes the benefit of BlogIn, which was created out of a personal need for their own team to facilitate communications internally. The simple mindset in design and experience allows for a fully hosted internal blog for your custom domain including an unlimited number of team members that can create as many pages and posts that may be needed.


Tracking your projects beautifully

Updatey focuses on helping you submit project updates and visualize them in a way your team, clients, investors or just about anybody can understand. Whether you’re building a website, constructing a house, launching a new business or writing a Hollywood film. If your project has a start date and people that care about its progress, Updatey would be best for you!

updatey project tracking

Put simply, the software is so great because it’s all to do with the beautiful simplicity that underpins the Updatey vision and approach to presenting a projects status to those that care. The longer answer though, is that there are a myriad project management tools out there that help people focus on the day-to-day and interact internally as teams. In Updatey’s eyes at-least, this is considered as ‘noise’ and can be difficult for clients and other external stakeholders within a project to understand and properly digest. It is not Updatey’s goal to become a fully fledged project management tool, but instead to work alongside them – bridging the gap between traditional project management tools and the reports/information that clients, and pretty much any project stakeholder (whether an investor, team member, reporter or client), craves but is less often provided with.


Azendoo: A cooperative tool for your work life

Azendoo is an application more productive than other business social networks, easier to use than traditional project management applications, and more shareable than any personal to do list managers. The web application does this by helping individuals and teams sync their work and spend less time doing work about work by synchronizing everyone on the same information.


The application has partnered with Evernote, Google Drive, DropBox and Box so that users can centralize and share all of their informational sources confidentially. Providing cooperative work tools in order for all users to build on their existing network of tools drives the usability of the application. Cooperative work tools are the new generation of tools that people and organizations want. They take enterprise social networks to a whole new level by letting people truly have their work done with the people they collaborate with. This is what Azendoo is about, a cooperative tool.