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Responsive design has been all the rage in the HTML5 and CSS communities the last little while. If you’re unfamiliar with what that means: Responsive design is essentially the laying out of website content in formats that are independent of its platform. For instance if your on your iPhone the website would re-size and be optimized instantly for the device, but if you quickly looked at the same site on your favorite tablet, the site would have reformed and resized again in accordance to the tablet’s specifications in real-time.




Monitoring how a brand’s perceived value, customer interaction and social position has never been more important and accessible in real-time. Hearing what customers have to say and interacting back to say thank you or to put out unexpected customer complaints is a tireless and up-to-the minute job. Customer’s are surely going to dislike or negatively promote a product on platforms like Twitter, and it’s a brand’s responsibility to mitigate the damage a bad review can have.




If you’re starting new business idea there are undoubtedly going to be obstacles, confusion and down-right moments of no clue what to do. While there are online services that connect buyers to sellers of goods, there are very few reliable platforms that help those seeking advice obtain expertise and confidence from leading industry experts. Sprouter has and continues to be the business startup and expert connection engine that we look to, read and filter through constantly. But with the recent launch of Evisors Startups Entrepreneurship Network there is a new player that:




With so many different accounts (email, social networks, business management tools, etc.) it can be difficult to maintain and find what you need quickly. Did you send a message via Gmail or was what you sent through a Tweet? Those are the distractions and confusions that can happen day-to-day. You could search each individual account and try to find what you need, but while some applications have amazing search features, others fail to find what you’re looking for. Greplin “is a personal search engine that allows you to search all your online data in one easy place.”




The makers of (a Latvian based online surveillance system), is launching Aspice – a cloud based video surveillance system for everyone. Based out of Northern Europe, the Aspice founders are using the cloud to allow you to obtain easy and quick access to your IP camera’s recorded video & live stream.


Quote Roller


Integrating with your favorite project management tools (Fresh Books, Basecamp, Highrise, CapsuleCRM, Wrike, and pretty much any shopping cart via catalog import and export feature.), Quote Roller is an easy to use business proposal creator, tracker and sender that also helps you generate price quotes for clients in minutes.




Yesterday we talked about Grafire PM, a free project management application for freelancers, and today we wanted to share Kickoff – a collaboration tool for small groups on the Mac. Designed specifically for small teams, it provides the tools that are only necessary for teamwork.




MoGro, founded by Brad Matthews, is an online tool that hopes to make investing a “real” opportunity for everyone. For most people the procedures to get involved into investing can be expensive, scary or just too difficult to get one’s head around it. MoGro is aiming to make the investing process simple, secure, affordable and virtually effortless.


meetings is a streamlined tool to help you organize meetings effortlessly without the obstacles of organizational boundaries. The online collaboration / communication tool is available on all your virtual spaces and requires no passwords, registrations or downloads. creates an online shared space for meeting and collaboration, which includes material sharing, agenda editing and note taking – all while integrating with your email.




CardFlick, founded by Ketan Anjaria, is an app that will be coming to your iPhone and Androids which will allow you to create and share digital business cards. Entrepreneurs, business owners and those looking to leave a first impression have left behind their traditional / tangible presence in card form for many years. CardFlick lets you develop your business card presence in a digital format that you can then share with others that have downloaded the app or via email. The idea of digital business cards is not new idea, but the opportunity to share your professional information with those in close proximity is an exciting concept.