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Visualize Your Resume with ResumUP


Yesterday we talked about Jobyoulife, a platform that will make sharing and finding talented individuals near-by with a more simplified and easier search mechanism. Today we stumbled upon ResumUP: An application that provides a glorious visual representation of you or your brand as a stunning resume in one click.


Jobyourlife: Finding Designers, Developers or Anyone with Talent Close To You Made Simple


Jobyourlife is a new social platform launching in May that simplifies how you search for talented people. Developed because the founders found it difficult to find talented developers and designers in their own city on networks such as LinkedIn and Monster – Jobyourlife makes it easier to locate the people you need in your own city and interact with them, sharing all your know-how.


Right Inbox: Email Scheduling in Gmail

right inbox

There are two tools that we think are outstanding for scheduling and intermittently sending out Tweets throughout the day: Timely and Buffer, but what about for email? Right Inbox enables users to schedule emails to be sent later from Gmail. Built as a browser extension, once installed a discrete “Send Later” button is added to your Gmail interface.


Cobook: The Smartest Mac Address Book App


Touted as “The Smart Address Book”, Cobook for Mac helps you spend less time managing contacts and stay better informed about them. The simple yet powerful alternative to Apple’s Lion Address Book is a unique app is a solid solution if you find yourself managing a large contact list and need a place to find details instantly.


Omega Group: Exclusive Events for Toronto’s Influential Professionals

omega group

An influential crowd, brilliant live saxophonist playing in the background, distinguished ladies and gentlemen and a quintessential venue for any event – those were just a few of lasting memories from the sophomore event, Black & Gold, held November 19, 2011 at Toronto’s most prestigious venue , The Carlu by Omega Group. Determined to lead Toronto as an executive social organization, entertainment and events company, Omega Group aims to be the fundamental mouthpiece for Toronto’s new found growing, global significance and stature. The growth of Omega Group in the 6 months since its inception has been spectactular. Its parties have already gained a reputation all their own and become must-attend events, if you can get in.




Responsive design has been all the rage in the HTML5 and CSS communities the last little while. If you’re unfamiliar with what that means: Responsive design is essentially the laying out of website content in formats that are independent of its platform. For instance if your on your iPhone the website would re-size and be optimized instantly for the device, but if you quickly looked at the same site on your favorite tablet, the site would have reformed and resized again in accordance to the tablet’s specifications in real-time.




Monitoring how a brand’s perceived value, customer interaction and social position has never been more important and accessible in real-time. Hearing what customers have to say and interacting back to say thank you or to put out unexpected customer complaints is a tireless and up-to-the minute job. Customer’s are surely going to dislike or negatively promote a product on platforms like Twitter, and it’s a brand’s responsibility to mitigate the damage a bad review can have.




If you’re starting new business idea there are undoubtedly going to be obstacles, confusion and down-right moments of no clue what to do. While there are online services that connect buyers to sellers of goods, there are very few reliable platforms that help those seeking advice obtain expertise and confidence from leading industry experts. Sprouter has and continues to be the business startup and expert connection engine that we look to, read and filter through constantly. But with the recent launch of Evisors Startups Entrepreneurship Network there is a new player that: