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Hull Digital Live 10

HDLive10 is in its second year, after the success of HDLive09 this conference aims to be even better. Located in East Yorkshire and Hull, this event brings together people of various disciplines in the digital and web worlds. By putting together a format of interesting speakers, who are experts in their fields, people will be able to foster new relationships, see superb speakers, become inspired and learn.


Open Print Consultants

Open Print Consultants, Inc. serves to help control and maximize ROI in regards to their printing processes, while decreasing waste and moving towards a greener process for information sharing. By providing the best possible printing environment for their clients, the results can entail cost savings, decreasing waste, and improving customer service all while ensuring a reduced carbon footprint for everyone involved.



Kaleidoscope is the most advanced file comparison application on the market today. Used to spot differences between text and image files, Kaleidoscope lets you review changes in seconds for comparison. Built by Sofa, this Mac based software is 29 Euros with a 30 Day trial Demo.



Always wonder what’s wrong with your PC or what can be done to make it run faster? Are you always asking your techie friend to help diagnose your PC and put in place the updates, installations and program removals to solve your problems? Then Soluto is probably for you.


Billings Touch

Billings Touch is a practical time-billing and invoicing application that can be used by anyone. This application has the intuitive interface and logical billings workflow that make quoting, invoicing and time tracking simple.



Beetil is a configuration management tool designed to improve the way your company can work and to help increase efficiencies as a whole for your service. With the numerous pitfalls and virtues that occur in service management, current tools to help assimilate management are either too large, making the usage too complex, difficult and expensive or these tools do not have the complexity and richness that is needed in these robust times. Beetil aims to solve these issues with an economical tool that is simple to use and effective.