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This category showcases companies providing tools, tips, advice and applications to assist those buying and selling homes. Here you will also find organizations that deal with the construction industry and those that offering products / services to agents who are selling in real estate.

Algorithms to find the best place to rent

In the past we’ve covered some very useful mapping tools that help you find your next rental space. Both PadMapper and Mapitat grab properties from popular classified sites and share locations on a map to help find options in the neighborhoods your interested in the most. To take that a step further new startup RentHop focuses on sharing listings that are the “best ones”, not just every posting.


The site was first launched in 2009, but their list is now very impressive and contains rental units across the United States. Using what they call a “HopScore” the service rates listings based on a mathematical algorithm to suggest quality opportunities. Each HopScore measures how complete a posting is, how long it’s been up, and the number of times viewed by users along with the listing managers previous performance record.




If you have ever looked for a place to live online you know the headaches and lack of UI consideration that these platforms have had in place for years. Yet we continue to use them because there aren’t many solid alternatives. Mapitat on the other-hand, created by Toronto’s Playground, is the easiest way to search for rental property.



Streetfolio is smart mortgage management. As a web app for property investors and homeowners, Streetfolio gives you the insights and information into how your property is performing financially. Targeted more specifically for banks and mortgage companies, Streetfolio helps the management of mortgages and assists in the financial planning of a property with insights into monthly cash-flow in relation to area of interest.


The Bright Agent

The Bright Agent is a tool for real estate agents to communicate with their clients. Developed to create accountability, real estate agents are able to create projects, invite their clients and then update them with information, files, listing updates, site visits and the overall process toward success of property sale or lease. With a need for real estate clients to know that their agent is actually working for them and making the necessary motions for their property.