Finding hidden gems for your travel plans


New travel site TripGems helps travelers find things to do (tips and deals) on their next destination and let them share hidden gems with their friends and the world. With the plentiful number of sites that you to get to a destination: flight search engines, hotel booking sites, There is no authority yet on the […]

My Survival Through Entrepreneurship with Money

startups and money

Leaving my full-time job that had a nice benefit package in order to start up my own entrepreneurship was a nerve-wrecking decision. Your family and friends give you that look like “are you sure you’re doing the right thing?” but are congratulating you on taking the leap. You try to confidently talk to everyone about […]



If you’re starting new business idea there are undoubtedly going to be obstacles, confusion and down-right moments of no clue what to do. While there are online services that connect buyers to sellers of goods, there are very few reliable platforms that help those seeking advice obtain expertise and confidence from leading industry experts. Sprouter […]



Often when shopping or trying on clothes we ask ourselves “does this look good on me?” And, if we’re so lucky to have a fashionista as a friend we can get their opinions before going out on the street in a polk-a-dot shirt and tie-died pair of pants with pink Crocs. But what do our […]



Free at the Applie iTunes Store, SnapTag is an app that lets you ask your friends to rate a deal before you make the purchase. Take a photo of the deal, add a description and the price – then SnapTag uses your social networks and the SnapTag network to ask others to rate the deal […]

The Startup Daily


The Startup Daily is a subscription based provider of advice, ideas, and insights from the great books for entrepreneurs. By providing your email address, The Startup Daily will send daily short emails with the insights from books that every entrepreneur should read, but probably doesn’t have the time to read. The email may cover the […]


i-need-truth is a site that allows users to gather opinions globally, which ‘enables people to understand themselves better’. There have been numerous sites that allow for voting on portfolios, designs, style, hotness, etc. because today we are faced with problems of not having enough non-biased and sincere opinions. brings a platform for everyone to […]