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Visage is an enterprise solution for non-designers to create elegant infographics

Those graphs, those hideous-hideous graphs! Open up the majority of the brochures, reports or memos from enterprises and undoubtedly you’ll be thinking the same thing. Unless a company is going to invest in a creative department or pay the large fees to use a third-party agency to spice things up, the product will more than likely leave the readers free-of-excitement. But the truth is “design-driven companies outperformed other companies in the standard & poor’s 500 by 228%”.


By failing to focus on design for any companies materials the end products lack clarity, lack brand consistency, and more importantly will affect the bottom line. And graphs are one of the most horribly applied items, from a design perspective, with marketing touch-points and general office usage within enterprises. This happens more than likely because the execution of well-designed and well-branded data visualization tools is difficult if not addressed acutely. Visage, a product from creative agency Column Five, is a new platform that enables non-designers to easily create beautiful, on-brand visual content such as data visualization, reports, presentations and infographics in a single web interface.


Graphical bio’s that show the best of you

Vizify is your visual biography displayed as a beautiful graphical composition. Founded by Jeff Cutler-Stamm, Todd Silverstein, and Eli Tucker, the recently launched platform pulls in “content and visuals you’ve already created on the web (such as tweets & photos) into a single graphical bio that shows the best of you.”


Today, it’s more than likely that people get to know you through your social media interactions. We put together first, second even third impressions. Vizify takes data from every medium to give a better representation of who you are. It’s easy for a potential boss or client to find out where you used to work, but what if you recently participated in a charity event? Every version of you matters, “Vizify helps you transform all those interesting impressions you make online into one definitive, multidimensional, graphical biography, without ever asking you to face a blank screen.”


Visualize Your Resume with ResumUP


Yesterday we talked about Jobyoulife, a platform that will make sharing and finding talented individuals near-by with a more simplified and easier search mechanism. Today we stumbled upon ResumUP: An application that provides a glorious visual representation of you or your brand as a stunning resume in one click.




Statistics and data compiled into beautiful visuals are a huge trend now-a-days. Simply check out Google Images for infographics and be blown away by the multitude of statistic based visuals at your fingertips. Infographics make it easy and fun to understand the impact of profound statistical information without having to be a super genius. Even with infographics being all the rage, sometimes they just don’t have the style and design that is up to snuff.