Stories just for kids made with sounds

storytime sounds

Maybe a voyage through the stars, an adventure to a world thought to be lost, journey over seas, or to a magical place with friendly monsters. That’s the opportunity each child will have when they open up Storytime Sounds app by Not on the High Street. The company more known for selling their various products […]

The Growth Chart by Beanstalk Labs

beanstalk labs

Do you remember when you were growing up and your parents would mark your height on the wall at home? The idea for the Growth Chart is heavily grounded in our experiences as children. Co-fonder Danny Nathan has fond memories of his parents marking heights on the wall of where he grew up. But in […]

Your kids surf on your back while in a Piggyback Rider

piggyback rider

Dad’s there is a cool new way to take your young one’s with you wherever you go. And it’s not silly looking like that front pouch you’ll possibly be using when infants need to be carried. Built a for children 2.5 years and above and under 60lbs, replacing strollers and backpack’s it’s a device that […]

Augmented reality alphabet cards

pixei alphabet

In 2011 we covered Suwapu, an augmented-reality toy that interacted on your smartphone. Developed by Dentsu and Berg the prototype was a clear indication that Japanese technology was begin a wave of development across the world once made mainstream. 2013 has been a launch pad of various technologies already, and augmented-reality is not with exception. […]

Have a Feelday with your family this weekend


There are only a few precious weeks before kids go back to school. With August fast approaching parents have gown to paint classes, spent days at the park, maybe running through sprinklers or sharing the world of dinosaurs at a local museum – but what should parents do when they run out of ideas to […]

Art and bicycling combined with Chalktrail


Looking forward at all the technology that is about to be released and what is available today it’s a wonder that children still find a way to enjoy life away from a screen. Chalktrail by Washington-based inventor Scott Baumann would have made childhood of todays adults so much more creative, but still will make anyone […]

Teaching kids coding with Hopscotch

hopscotch: coding for kids

Hopscotch is an app built by those who want to create things that they themselves wished existed when they were kids. The free beta release of the app teaches kids aged 8-12 the beginnings of simple coding. The iPad app uses bright, fun and highly visual cues to keep interest to foster inheriting programming concepts. […]

Children’s drawings + 3D printing = Crayon Creatures

crayon creatures

Our favorite startup of 2012 was the re-crafting of kids drawings into huggable plush toys. Children love to be creative, draw and imagine all kinds of wonderfully colorful animals, toys and everything in-between. Child’s Own Studio, takes these wonderful creations and for a small fee manually creates stuffed plush toys in resemblance of the artwork. […]