Publishing with InDesign for the iPad


If you’re like many of us, getting an app on the app store calls for either a lot of money to pay a developer or picking up a book and learning to become a ninja with XCode for iOS or Javascript / Android development – both can be definitely daunting. Luckily there are exceptional companies […]



DailyDigital (founded by Derick Thompson) is a content delivery platform for those producing content (digital publishers) to engage and monetize on their audience via digital storefronts that embed on any web or Facebook page. Descried as “the professional, Free way to organize and monetize your content online”, DailyDigital lets you sync content you want to […]

Percolate – Content from Your Twitter and RSS Feeds


Percolate is a brand new platform that combines your RSS feeds with your Twitter friends’ links to bring you the most relevant and useful information to the forefront. Founded by Noah Brier and James Gross (@percolate), Percolate bubbles up the most interesting stuff from your own world to comment on and create new content. According […]