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Avalable: The Facebook of dating

Dating apps seem to have been around forever, and there are plenty of options for a single man or woman to pick the best network for them. However it’s a market saturated with a few “big guys” and many small startups looking to grab a piece of the dating pie.


Avalable, is a new application looking to fill a gap found the clouded space, by introducing a community aspect to dating. Brought to us by CEO of Thai startup Singles Solution, Nikki Assavathorn, the new startup uses more of a Facebook style of engagement with a timeline approach instead of the usual one-to-one, look at photos, and then decide if to send someone a message.


yWorld is a social platform for your profession with influence and prestige rankings

We use LinkedIn for our professional endeavors, creating connections and an open space to share in discussions. But its level of interaction is minimal and the type of content that can be shared is also restricted. yWorld is a new professional social platform by 2Dots Inc. from Vancouver building toward a better professional social experience that enables you to post, display, share, and connect with others, but also collaborate with meaningful discussions without the noise.


On yWorld, the main focus is not to land a job, but to express yourself, and let your voice be heard under the umbrella of a career-focused network. With a suite of real-time collaboration tools on board such as yEdit and yBoard to work-together with the professionals you connect with instead of just communicating. Founded by Rahul Singh and Kehar Gill the site uses a ranking engine that distributes content to your platform feed by eliminating the noise or better put: removes the posts from those that have rarely anything of importance to share. Everyone wants to share, but sometimes those that are sharing aren’t worth flooding your content feed with, yWorld takes a proactive response to that to prevent those messages of un-interest to you from being seen.


Jellibug: Celebrity Twitter and Instagram photos in one place

Jellibug is a Los Angeles startup by James Hu that helps you follow your favorite celebrities, athletes, and influencers by aggregating their posts on social media into one place for easy viewing. Utilizing API’s and hand-selecting celebrities to bring content from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Flowd, Lockerz, MyPict.me, Path, Tumblr, WhoSay and YFrog the web app keeps on top of all your favorite people’s experiences.

jellibug: taylor swift

The fast, fun, and addictive way to visually tour what’s hot and trending within the social media sphere from the perspective of over 2,000 celebrities, with more being added everyday, is what you’ll expect from Jellibug. Ignoring re-tweets and comments not directly from the verified accounts of celebrities; the site removes the noise, allowing for the “celebrity” to take center stage.


Catmoji: All the things that cats love to do

Why do kitties on YouTube get tens of millions of hits? It’s a question that never ceases to cause amazement, but then again how can you stop watching one once it’s on? If your one of those cat lovers out there that just can’t seem to get enough of watching our feline friends there’s a new source for gratification: Catmoji.

cats on catmoji

On Catmoji it’s, you guessed it, all about cats! Disrupting from Startup-Up Chile, the website lets you share and discover cat pictures and videos. And like this video and this one, the site will somehow trance you into scrolling and never ever leaving the friendly, cute and cuddly kitties paraded on the site. As their mission states, Catmoji wants to make the Internet a better and happier place with cats because the Internet loves cats.


The free intranet for startups

Launched in April of 2012, Bitrix24 is the affordable intranet for businesses with 12 employees or less, at a cost of zero dollars. Combining the capabilities of Yammer (social intranet), SalesForce (CRM), Facebook (likes), BaseCamp (project management), and DropBox (file sharing) Bitrix24 does it all in a pretty package.


Bitrix24 delivers everything in one place for your team (messaging, file storage, calendar, and to-do lists) with an incredible activity stream to show you what’s going on right now or what happened while sleeping on the office couch. But unlike the many other intranet options on the market, Bitrix24 really shines with an intuitive design and interface that is far from rickety and the un-viewable eyesores growing on its competitors. The tasteful design choices make it more then an effective system, but a system worth using.


Have you SeenTh.at?

If you’ve been screaming at the theatres this Halloween, creepily enjoying Paranormal Activity 4 or went to watch Hotel Transylvania with your little one’s you probably shared your thoughts, likes, and dislikes on Twitter or Facebook. But did your friends seem to care? Maybe you’ll need to find some new cinema loving friends or do you really just need a social network that caters specifically to your love of movies with other like-minded movie fanatics?


There are a few great sites that help you connect with other film fans around the world such as Letterboxd or Wigglehop, but the one that seems to be generating the most buzz while still in beta is SeenTh.at – An online community where users discuss, recommend and discover movies, as well as organize lists of what they’ve seen or want to see. What differentiates SeenTh.at from the others is its community or single user recommendation sharing. While most of the competitors in the space provide the opportunity to mark movies watched, organize, comment and rate SeenTh.at let’s you specifically target groups or a single user and recommend to them what they should watch.


Would you pay to use Twitter?

Today App.net was able to surpass its goal of $500,000 with well over 10,000 users already signed up to use the ad-free subscription based social network. Because of the high volume of requests the site is now giving Alpha access to users on a first-serve basis and you won’t have to pay until receiving alpha access.

app-net subscription social network

App.net is “a different kind of social platform. We’re building a real-time social service where users and developers come first, not advertisers. We believe that advertising-supported social services are so consistently and inextricably at odds with the interests of users and developers that something must be done.”


Goalpost uses gamification and social networking to help you quit smoking

Kicking a bad habit is a personal battle that can be hard to understand unless you’re going through or have gone through it. Smoking is one of those habits. Smoking is one of those habits that call’s for you to pick up a pack that clearly states that bad things will happen if you continue using it, yet it is a process that many people still partake in everyday.

goalpost the social network to help you quit smoking

But what does it take to stop smoking? Is it simply will power? The help and support of friends? A gradual decrease in usage? Or a cold turkey approach? Maybe it’s a combination of them all? Everyone has a different need and a different way to go about changing they way they behave, but one thing is clear – one has to want to change in order for change to take place.


Springpad Creates Smart Notebooks to Share and Discover


Springpad has re-launched with a new interface and design that feels a lot like Pinterest but comes with a ton more powerful features. Springpad is “smart notebooks that let you share and discover with the people you care about”. You can create personal notebooks that can be customized to yourself, add notes and tasks to your notebooks, or search for something more specific like a book or a movie to add to a notebook. These virtual notebooks can be followed, shared privately or collaborated upon with other friends – all while the platform is enhancing the information you share.


Brevidy: Private Video Sharing


Video is an incredible way to share those special moments of your life and the things that interest you the most with those around you. Brevidy is a video social network that connects people. Not everyone feels comfortable with sharing those intimate videos that are captured on phone, camera or camcorder – Brevidy will allow you to decide who gets to see what and keep the videos you want private away from the eyes of just anyone on the web.