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Cheddar: Simple task management synced everywhere

Plenty of to-do list applications exist on the App Store, some herald infinite features, while others focus more on simplicity and clever interface design. Some of the task organization apps on the market are better than others, but we find those that hone-in on simple design with scaled back feature sets win because they help you focus on what is needed instead of being over-run with what tool to use in the application.

cheddar simple task management

Cheddar is a new app that boasts simplicity in design (similar to Clear), but with a few more features. The app strips down to-do lists into its most original form, like when we only had a pen and paper to use. There is no time or date settings needed, just the task you want to do and a check box to mark if its completed or not.




Vancouver based Sleeping Giant Apps is composed of 3-highly-skilled “indie-dev” superstars that make apps that are simple, speedy and stylish. HQ is the first app from this trio – to help you deal with day-to-day tasks in a new, fresh and better way. Available at the iTunes App Store for your iPhone and iPod Touch, HQ is a tool to manage and track the progress of any project (no matter what realm it may be for).




Thoughtboxes, launched in Dec. 2010 by Matthew Stenback, is a fun and easy to use web app for you to organize everything you do. Thoughtboxes is the evolution from to-do lists to to-do boxes. The brilliant and aesthetically appealing tool breaks down large tasks into more manageable goals for you to achieve.