The Sims Social on Facebook

The Sims Social

The virtual world is coming to a well known digital app? The beloved Sims is making its way onto Facebook. The Sims Social, via the American gaming company EA, recently announced the launch of their popular Sims game onto Facebook.

“Create unique Sims and live out their dreams—or stir up trouble by pulling pranks. Develop deep relationships to unlock new features and advance: befriend and fight, date and cheat, love and betray. Play with life in a whole new way—with your real friends, for free!”

Similar to Farmville and Mafia Wars – The Sims Social will be a virtual realm for Facebook users to create new and exciting relationships with friends. Their current Facebook page doesn’t provide a launch date, but gives you the chance to signup for the newsletter to be the first to create you’re The Sims Social avatar.