TopCSSGalleryList is a website and blog gallery submission service provider. Getting your website on some of the top CSS gallery lists gives you the opportunity to be viewed by millions of individuals looking to stay on top of trends and/or be inspired by your work. The process of submitting your site to multiple list showcases is as tedious as any search engine article submission process. takes the burden of sending your web design to all these links away for only $15.00. They will submit your sites information to these gallery’s manually to garner your increased traffic and possibly sales. will overview your submission to make sure your site design and code follows the standard guidelines for submission to make sure you get bang for you buck and get accepted by as many gallery showcase sites as possible. If for some reason they deem that your site does not meet the standard needs for submission to the galleries, they will refund your money.

There are a few websites that do this type of CSS gallery submission, it’s best to do your homework and find the service provider that works best for you.

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