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Waygo, a Linguistically-Talented Startup

Every now and again an idea comes along, usually brought into existence by a startup, that really makes you sit back and go “wow.” Waygo has definitely created one of those ideas. Essentially, they’ve built an app where you can point a smartphone camera at Chinese characters, and have it appear on your phone in English. This isn’t science fiction – it is a real, working app.


In this TechCrunch comments thread, one user suggested that this technology has been in existence for quite some time, but as another responded, it’s also technology that has been applied to Spanish and English – two languages that share many more similarities with each other than Chinese and English. To be able to translate between languages with a completely different alphabet is an astonishing feat, and Waygo have pulled it off with aplomb.



When first investigating this web game, we all thought it was going to be a needle in the world type of feeling. But it suddenly became addictive almost as much as the new app Dots. GeoGuessr drops you in a Google Street View in an unknown location and asks you to “figure out where you are.”

geo guessr

Once you familiarize yourself with your immediate surroundings you place a pin on the Google Map to best guess where you think you landed. Many of you may assume how in the world could one figure out such a thing with just a 360 view? The game takes that into account and lets you explore a bit more then what’s exactly around your landing point.


Roamer can save you up to 90% on roaming charges

On a recent backpacking trip to Asia, our team was filled with joy, wondrous curiosity, and the untimely stomach problems (let’s not talk about it). The trip was filled with picture’s and life-altering self-reflection all while in the company of a team we are so lucky to be with regularly. However, on return back to Toronto some of our companions were hit with roaming bills that went from $800 to $1200. These usages were limited to just short minutes, or the users didn’t even know roaming was occurring; yet the costs were astonishing. After some verbal debating with their respective carrier’s these fees were reduced in half, but to pay $400 to $600 in roaming charges still seems outrageous!

roamer app reduces roaming charges

This past year roaming bills were over $45,000,000,000 – to take revenge on these roaming costs a new app is set to launch this summer. Roamer is the first mobile app that reduces roaming costs by up to 90%, but keeps your same number and uses cellular, not WiFi. Using the handy cost savings calculator on their site, users that received 100 min of calls and made 100 minutes of calls when travelling from Canada to the US could incur roaming charges of up to $154, while Roamer would just charger $22, saving you $132 (that’s a 86% reduction).


Roomsurfer finds affordable accommodations with like-minded hosts

Dueling with AirBnB and Couchsurfing isn’t an easy battle, but is exactly what newly launched (out of beta) Roomsurfer is hoping to tackle head-on. The German startup connects travellers with hosts using their Facebook likes and interests to match people for their right experience. Despite being a latecomer in the scene, Roomsurfer believes it has the right mixture of innovation and affordable answers for would-be backpackers to take a piece of the market share dominated by a few but saturated with many.


With a social element and a six-digit investment in funding, Roomsurfer is set to provide low-cost places to stay and a platform to meet like-minded people all over the world. Their unique matching algorithm, which was developed in collaboration with the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, helps young travellers “dive into vibrant city life with like-minded people, to be carried along in the moment and be inspired, collecting their own unique experiences – including cheap overnight accommodation. That’s exactly what we enable people to do with”, explains Michael Walser, Roomsurfer’s founder and CEO. “The platform helps bringing together private hosts and travellers with mutual interests, determining just what they need for a tailor-made city break.”


Meet like-minded people who are also new in town

Built by a team of three passionate people, who recently moved to London. Being newcomers to a big international city, they found that connecting with strangers and discovering the city on ones’ own can be challenging. That is why they believe that it should be shared with likeminded people.


Pokke is their solution to solve that problem and help users with their journey in the cites they moved in recently. The Pokke team tells us: “What makes our application different are the matching algorithms and filters we use to showcase only relevant results – like mutual interests, nationality and music taste. We also enforce people to meet in real life, visit an event and generally spend less time online.”


Booking hotels by the hour

If you travel a lot you surely have had the displeasure of booking a hotel room for a full-nights stay when you’re only going to be there for a few short hours. Sometimes your flight comes in at midnight, but checkout is 8am, shouldn’t you have the opportunity to buy a room via a pack of hours instead of a full day? At the same time shouldn’t that opportunity be available in the best-of-the-best hotels and not just the sleezy domiciles we often associate with hourly check-out times? thinks so.


At you only pay for the hours you spend at the hotel. No more, no less. They don’t focus on low pricing like Priceline or, rather it’s about fair pricing. The first online reservations platform that lets you decide what time you check-in and check-out of a hotel with packs of 3 up-to 48 hours. answers the question, why pay for 24 hours of hotel services if you’re just going to spend 6 hours sleeping and that’s it?


Find My Train

If you frequently use public transit systems you’ll understand the pain of waiting at a bus stop counting down minutes, when you could have been doing something more useful. Especially during these cold months, being outside is the last thing anyone wants to do. Luckily in Toronto apps like the Rocket Man app exist, although not the most well designed piece of usefulness, it does still work. But apparently the problem of waiting for streetcars and busses can also plague those in warmer climates.

find my train

Founded by the foursome of Adam Mann, Al Wold, Brett Farmiloe, and Michael Witham, Find My Train is an iPhone app for the Phoenix Light Rail that will let you know when your train is scheduled to arrive with just one tap. Aimed to be the most simple transportation app design ever created the project came to be after Adam Mann pitched his idea this past October during Startup Weekend Phoenix.


Instatrip: Mapping your vacation photos

Instatrip is in the business of creating and sharing photo trips based on your Instagram exploits. Automatically generated via Instagram’s photo stream and its location tagging service, it’s a place where you can create and share your photos from holiday trips, vacations, road trips with friends or any of the other random and interesting places you visit


Instagram itself has a photomaps element, but it doesn’t seem to have the ease of use to tag, filter and sort based on a specific journey specific to only you. If you’re trekking across the states and want to create an album photo stream on a map, Instatrip lets you do that. All you have to do is simply add properly formatted tags to your pics and its done.


YPlan last minute events in London

YPlan shows you the best events that London has to offer, every day. This new iPhone app is your pass to tonight’s hottest gigs, movies, theatre or even quirky events like rickshaw racing & chess boxing.

yplan london events

Currently only offered for events in the British capital, the team of young English entrepreneurs curate only the events they think are worthy of being stamped with their approval. The unique discovery and party planning app lets you buy tickets for things to do only 24 hours in advance adding that element of spontaneity to what you may find. The short and sharply selected list removes the problem of figuring out “what should I do right now” in London.


If AirBnB is a marketplace for space, then Thrill Engine is a marketplace for thrills

Neither a programmer nor a designer, just a guy who is working to make it happen, Emils Veveris embodies the spirit of every young entrepreneur building his or her first startup. Doing all things necessary – code, design, and promote 26 year old Emils from Riga is sharing a platform to find and book adventure holidays, think of it as AirBnB for adventure.

Thrill Engine - AirBnB for adventure travel

But before Emils began building a simpler, cleaner, better-looking, passion driven travel site for thrill seekers, he went the more traditional route in life. Prior to university he didn’t know what to do, so he took a traditional road of attaining a degree and getting a job. However, after hearing the successes of other prominent startups, he realized there was something more in him, a want, rather a need to build on his own.