Wallmob brings a stand to POS

Danish startup Wallmob has begun to showcase its new iPad stand specific for point-of-sale. Having already raised $1.2 million in funding the startup focuses on small and medium-sized businesses with a POS application for iOS and is about to take on international growth next. With clients such as L’Oreal, Red Cross, and Armani already on their side for their enterprise solutions already development, the Wallmob team sees the American market as their next step after successful growth in Europe.


The Wallmob Stand designed to be simple to use, portable, and stylish has a base that snaps into place which can be mounted on a countertop taking up next to no space or wall mounted if that works best. The POS can then be moved with a clerk on the go providing a truly mobile sales team in every brick and mortar.

Wallmob had been primarily a software company, but by introducing hardware to their lineup we believe Wallmob will be able to acquire a longer lasting client base—A client base that invests in the company, software and hardware for a fully integrated solution.

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