Friday quick links


Good.Co is a science-backed self-discovery platform and network designed for a new generation of professionals looking for more meaning in both their careers and personal lives.

New Bluetooth headphones called Vrb on Kickstarter.

This can be extremely cool! PlotDevice is a Python-based graphics language for designers and developers.

Rice is a new location-based marketplace.

Zomato is an online and mobile restaurant search and discovery service, providing in-depth information for over 240,000 restaurants across 13 countries.

The history of projects on Kickstarter, just the #1′s.

If you develop E-commerce sites, take a look at Moltin.

Have your git history, your deploy notifications and all of your project’s events in a simple timeline interface. It’s doable with Hi.diplo.

Glip is a super clean team productivity tool.


But if you need a CRM instead that’s just as super clean, try Customneed.


Emails in 350 characters or less

What if emails were limited to the same character count as a Twitter post? Think about it, couldn’t people manage a way to share everything they need majority of the time in a short phrase or two? We think so and so does Toastio. claiming itself to be the next generation of email the startup has the philosophy that emails don’t need to be longer than 350 characters in their product build.


By encouraging people that email you to get to the point it helps everyone learn to be succinct in threads. Daily we receive over 100 emails a day, and getting through them all is time-consuming in itself. Very often the emails are filled with unneeded details rather then pointing directly to what is needed or to be done, this all changes with Toastio.


Buddytruk is like Uber, but for moving

You’ve lived in your place for over year, held the raging party that everyone still reminisces about, made dinner for the blonde neighbor and ate it on the kitchen table you bought together, that same date also was the one you broke up with on sectional couch you had to have, and it’s the place you remember having to buy a new bed for because the one from home wouldn’t fit. But now it’s time to move. With all that stuff it won’t fit into your 2001 Civic, no the precarious process of renting a Uhaul or other moving truck is necessary.


That’s why a team of recent college grads have launched Buddytruk. Riding the coattails of ride-sharing startups, this moving company connects a user who needs help moving a large item, such as a couch, with a peer and their truck. Think of it as Uber, but for moving.


One Volley led to meeting Darrell Hammond, another led to a career as head of marketing. What would you Volley?

A Volley member was looking for advice about breaking into stand up comedy. He posted his request on the startups platform, the result was amazingly shocking: One of his contacts volleyed his request, which resulted in him meeting Darrell Hammond from Saturday Night Live.


That’s just one story about the incredible impact Toronto startup Volley is making in the lives of it’s users. Volley gets you introductions to people with the expertise you’re looking for through short, actionable requests. With the purpose to connect you with people outside of your current network, members can easily meet with people with the unique expertise they’re looking for by asking for introductions, feedback, and advice.


Targeting news that matters with Newsworthy

The New York Times, the BBC, the Guardian and other publications that were once great bastions of truth, have increasingly yielded their noble purpose of covering newsworthy events and matters, to ‘would-be’ articles that are all about increasing circulation and site traffic. While many other articles they provide are still relevant, purposeful and insightful, increasingly these are drowned out by fluffy op-ed pieces that frankly, no one wants to read.


If you’re tired of reading articles about God backing Argentina in the World Cup, new iPhone release-related rumors, or anything Miley Cyrus (short of an obituary), this app will be for you.


Friday quick links


Notebooks, Scribbpads, Wideboards, Task Lists and more!

A site sharing places for the disabled.

Google Calendar with shared notes and attachments. ClipPod is free.

Find, track & monetize your videos online.v

Have you ever tried finding a new software? An app store for your desktop called Enythings could be a solution.

Submit your app to this website and one of their UX designers will review it and provide feedback in the form of an audio file.

Discover Any iOS App’s Keywords.

All your social recommendations in one place.

Finding the best laptop shouldn’t be that hard.

SoundSlates: Collaboration space for musicians.

Fun workouts by connecting you to rockstar health & fitness instructors in San Francisco!

Whiteboard App: A simple way to focus on the tasks that matter most in your day.


The photo sharing app that keeps your identity a secret

We saw SnapChat become an app sensation with the ability to decide how long messages last. The idea gives one the chance to share without having to worry about future consequences, at least that’s what it feels like when in the act of “snap-chatting”.


College Photo Sharing App Unseen takes a similar hold, but instead of associating any photo posting with you it’s instead completely anonymous. Developed by Bearch, an Austin, Texas-based company the application hones categorizes messaging based on schools to allow classmates to share images discreetly.


Climbing Mount Everest and helping Sherpas

Mount Everest reaches just over 29,000 feet in height. The climb to it’s summit is not only a life-achievement for many but also a dangerous adventure that puts the human body through disastrously limits. A lack of oxygen and frigid temperatures are just a few of the physical ailments not to mention the mental battle that goes into each step towards the top.


Although not a physical battle, each of us may feel the same daunting obstacles of climbing a mountain everyday behind a desk or hustling to make a startup a success. For those that may never make the actual climb of Mount Everest, a charity has built a site to help share the experience with all of us in effort to raise money for the families of Sherpas.


Turbo.Roo and his 3D-printed wheelchair

This handsome Chihuahua was born with just it’s hind legs. Without front legs Turbo.Roo scampered around and shared his cute unstoppable message no matter what obstacles lay in his adventures.


The puppy was just outfitted with a 3D-printed solution to help the puppy get around, bringing together social-good with 3D wearable technology. A Downtown Veterinarian clinic in Indianapolis took the Chihuahua in when the original owner realized the attention to handle the puppy would be too much.


Friday quick links

grandarmy usps retai

GrandArmy took the difficult task of redesigning USPS Retail.

For the cooking nerds, check out the New Nomiku Sous Vide.

What the heck is toothpaste anyways.

Love vinyl, buy and sell records here.

A read on how to be polite. Keys to implement in your startup.

There are many of these, but Knit goes simple to leave geo-location messages for others to discover.

Discover the saddest, most lonely tweets you ever tweeted.

A very interesting social study, which picture would they use of you if you were gunned down?

Beads are collectively curated channels of culture. By Milq.

A Better Queue lets you filter Netflix.

Making font combinations easy.