Five years ago, we noticed a problem in the entrepreneur community. We knew there were so many great ideas out there, but these ideas needed a better home for a larger group to discover. So we set out to create a place where we could all discover and share new business ideas, startups and entrepreneurial tools.


Along the way, we’ve received over 10,000 submissions – evidence that we’ve tapped into a very real need. We’re proud of the online magazine we built, and we’re proud that we’ve carefully reviewed every submission since the site’s inception. (And 10,000 is no small feat!) But we’re even more grateful for every person who has come by to read our content and help grow what the New Startups team and I have poured our hearts into.

Over the past few years we carved various paths by listening to you and our entrepreneurial peers. Together, we began developing a platform tool to work alongside this online magazine. But, regretfully, we ran out of resources and time to launch our product. Thank you to everyone who not only helped guide us in developing our not-to-be-released product but also to those who wanted to share how we could do better.

New-Startups.com ends here today. There are still many challenges that startups face in being discovered, and we failed to create a tool to make ourselves more than just a magazine to help that need. For this we’re deeply sorry. We considered every option before deciding to end not only our platform’s construction but also the magazine. Unfortunately, there was just no available solution that would allow us to continue.

As of today, we will no longer post daily about a new startup we know you’ll love. But we will continue to leave our submission form live and our Twitter account will remain vibrant with startups we discover. We hope you’ll join us there to continue our growth together.

Seeing the drive in people every day has been truly inspirational for me and this team. The spirit of entrepreneurship has never been more apparent in our lives, and we hope people of all ages will continue to fearlessly pursue whatever passion is percolating inside of them.

A very special thank you must be expressed to some of the integral members of the New-Startups.com team over the past years. Nathan Christie, Angie Li and Travis Reason, your dedication, help and support will never be forgotten!

Lastly, THANK YOU to each and every person who has given their time and attention to this magazine. I couldn’t be more honoured to have done this with you. It’s been a privilege to meet you and grow with you. Hopefully our paths will cross again and we can build something special together in a new way in the future.

Jay Kapadia & the New-Startups.com Team


Friday Quick Links


Bringing the world a little closer, one game at a time.

Video conferencing you’ll love.

Illuminating the wall behind the TV or monitor, Antumbra reduces the contrast between the display and the rest of the room

Verbate.co is the most scalable video survey tool.

Order items from local stores with Fetch.

How to design for thumbs in the Era of Huge Screens.

Evernote meets Dropbox on Centrallo.

Never switch between Tabs and Apps again – with a chat that integrates all your Cloud Service Data.

A personal roadmap to dress better.

Find the best path to any person or company without ever sending a connection request.

experiments with CSS filters.

Pixelfold is a self curated community of great designers.

Norway’s bank note are pieces of art in your hand.


What if …

“What if I could do a simple thumbs up or down in my email like on FB. I would save so much time not responding [on] Google.” That would be a “Brainee” – one of the many little ideas to improve the world around us, as shared by users on the startup Braineet.


On Braineet, users suggest innovations that popular brands should consider and implement. Like any good social website, users can discover, vote on, and comment on any idea created. Browsing through some of the suggestions feels very much like a Twitter stream of consciousness, with thoughts on how food chains can do better, reflections regarding our education system and even the next dating choice for Taylor Swift. The pool of ideas being shared is diverse to say the least, but all for the common goal of helping brands become better acquainted with customers.


Go on, ask for a domain name!

When creating a startup, choosing a name is a critical first step. While the frustrations of the process will undoubtedly be memorable, nothing beats that moment of overwhelming joy when a selection is finally made.


But getting to that point of happiness requires a fair bit of determination. Coming up with a name that will represent your business may challenge you; your creativity can drop to an all-time low. To help find that perfect name and domain, Dock Name is there for you.


TinderUs turns your Tinder profile into a magnet for matches

“No matter what, no matter when, no matter who… any man has a chance to sweep any woman off her feet. He just needs the right broom.” These were some of the words from Will Smith’s dating coach extraordinaire character in the 2005 laugh-out-loud Hitch. Dating coaches and dating advice-givers are boundless to find, if only because many of us just want that unrelinquished feeling of love.


But now dating has moved from face-to-face and even from online messaging. Courtesy of matchmaking apps like Tinder, finding your soulmate (or maybe just your next hook-up) can be done via a simple swipe left or right. Even in those instances though, sometimes some needed advice is helpful to ensure a higher chance of finding a match. It would be nice if everyone had a Will Smith of their own! While it won’t headline your big-budget blockbuster, TinderUs may be the next best thing.


Entrepreneurs in other lands – Meet Daniel in Japan!

The land of the rising sun, Japan is a country that possesses an inviting modern image mixed with a rich, distinguished history. Work in Japan, and you can boast being a part of the world’s third largest economy. The Japanese office has its own distinctive culture, complete with its norms and stereotypes—who doesn’t have an image in their head of the suited Japanese salaryman, riding the last train ride home with his briefcase clutched tightly under his arms, close to slumber? Naturally then, Japan attracts plenty of people who want to do more than to tour the temples and snap photos of Mt. Fuji. In fact, there are now more foreigners working in Japan than there has ever been in the past.


However, these numbers don’t tell us the complete story. To even obtain employment with a Japanese company is difficult. For one thing, most Japanese companies require what is called the JPLT—essentially, a Japanese-language proficiency test. While there are five levels to this test, a foreign worker may not even be considered until he or she passes at least the second-highest level. Once hired though, those aforementioned office norms will start feeling more formidable than quixotic. Foreign workers have to learn a new set of unspoken, unwritten rules and standards. You may come aware of them…only when you break them!


Friday quick links


PullClean sanitizes your hands as you pull on a door.

Fell in love with Wonder.fm this week, it’s now on everyday.

A new catalog item to the Squarespace brand launched – introducing Seven.

The future of Adobe Creative. Maybe Affinity Designer won’t be able to compete.

A bit of a rip-off, Plastic works just like Coin.

Local Motors Strati is the world’s first 3D-printed car.

Google Maps added the Liwa Oasis and Desert to its Street View. But how? With camels of course.

YES! That’s what you’ll shout when you find out you can now finally text message Ethan.

The story of Tilde.Club.


Getting a beat on design every day

We always knew that news aggregation was going to be a key offering for many successful websites. When New-Startups.com first started we had our network feed (which grabbed articles from our favorite influencers and were then filtered manually). The concept for us was derived from Smashing Magazine’s network feed, but we eventually let that aspect of our site pass and decided to focus simply on what we wanted to share.

design beats

Since then we’ve seen the rise of projects such as Designer News and Product Hunt that utilize delicious UI/UX with the ease of content exposure that Reddit provides. Now we’ve stumbled upon another that’s taking a more magazine approach to sharing content from influencers they are most proud to read.


Bye bye Adobe subscriptions, hello Affinity Designer

It’s hard to ever sway away from Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Though Sketch made huge ground on the creative software of choice, many designers continue to support the tools they are most familiar with. So what’s it going to take for a new design program to make people step out of their comfort zones?


Well, here’s one for starters. Affinity Designer has just launched, and their pitch is one that has us clamoring to test it out just as much as Sketch. With any new software there are sure to be bugs and kinks to be sorted out, but the video below clearly shares Affinity Designer’s incredible intuitive nature, smoothness and strength. It may just be a possible Illustrator and Photoshop killer!


Sockwork keeps feet happy and helps Veterans

Combining two of their own passions, founders of Sockwork Mario Barrett and Tina Barrett support veterans by providing them with well-designed and unique socks. Even today, military-related charities have difficulty in raising enough money to support veterans. With both co-founders either having served or had family serving in the army, it is their hope that their business model can pioneer a method for other veteran entrepreneurs to not only follow their passions, but to give back as well.


Near the end of each month Sockwork sends two pairs to a veteran, and 10% of the profits earned are donated to a different veteran-focused charity. Each design that will keep your feet happy are crafted in California and are boxed with Richer Poorer socks. Usually, the expectation when reading about a sock subscription service is that they would design their own personal brand. In this case the company is working exclusively with a premium quality brand supplier.