Vancouver startup Coogobox helps designers bring products to life

Building a toward a growing community of designers and idea makers, Coogobox by founder Ken Chen from Vancouver aims to help product designers bring their concepts in to reality. In concept the idea is simple, users/designers upload their concepts for the community to vote on, successfully polled products are then fine tuned by the Coogobox team, they then help manufacture and sell the product, thus bringing what could be into the hands of customers globally.


If you’re a designer with a product idea that you think will be useful or brilliant for us all to have but don’t have the funds or support to deliver it, that’s when Coogobox comes in. Allowing designers to focus on what they do best, DESIGN, Coogobox wants to take care of everything else.


Sometimes a scribble says more than a word, picture or sound

Eskiis is a new and easy way to create and share visual messages with your friends on social media networks. Eskiis is as straightforward and even more simple as using a real marker pen and a piece of paper. There are Social Media Platforms to share your words, your photos, your voice or sounds, but eskiis aims to do it in a more visually simple way that’s fun at the same time.


The Android app lets users share and create visual messages, or little scribbles. Everyday we share photos on Instagram to share fashion, events, and ourselves but the team behind Swiss startup eskiis believes we will want to share ourselves in a more creative way. Scribbles or drawings have been a part of our culture from the dawn of time, it’s the universality of symbolism that makes them so easy to understand. Thus eskiis was developed to create a new way to share ourselves and engage with friends.


Temperature control in your building via the crowd

Luckily for us winter is coming to an end, in some parts it’s extend far beyond expectations. During the cold months some embrace under a blanket others crank that heater to cope with Mother Nature’s fury. CrowdComfort is a new tool that helps those in charge of facilities find the perfect temperature setting by tapping into the crowd for feedback.


While crowd-sourcing the perfect temperature is ridiculous in residential home, but in buildings usually one man is heading up the control of everyone’s temperature happiness. Either his settings are standard building management rules and regulations or just a whim of what he or she thinks is best, which is hardly scientific.


Who would you love to talk to for 12 minutes?

Who would you love to talk to for 12 minutes? Who would you want to learn from, build insights from for your startups grow, or get that valuable connection with? 12ish has taken a concept we’ve seen before in which people could pay based on minutes to chat with someone they found useful, but with the 12ish concept chats are set at 12 minutes.


12 minutes is just the right amount of time for a meaningful phone call and if you’re passionate about what you do and love discussing it with others then 12ish lets you know only meet new people but also get paid while doing so. 12ish helps passionate people make money by talking about the things they love. Set a weekly schedule and a price, and people can book a phone call with you. Both your phone and theirs ring at the scheduled time and 12ish bridges both parties privately for precisely 12.5 minutes. Payment is collected and then automatically delivered to you.


Friday quick links



The inglorious tale of Clinkle. A startup that squandered the most seed round funding in history.

Taking food porn to the next level. Your food photos now can tell you how many calories are in your meal.

There are galaxies far, far away but how big is our own solar system?

This made us laugh out loud because there isn’t a startup we see that doesn’t have this tool in place. The Startup Legitimizer.

Channelkit is a tool that lets you save links, and organize them in neat collection.

The private network of global underground bunkers… okay!

Quite possibly the most comfortable pants ever designed. Buddha Pants.

JustUnfollow is the friend management app.


It’s like Mint, but for your stuff!

You own a ton of “things”, these “things” are placed everywhere, from your home to storage lockers to under your bed, but what are these “things” worth and what if you needed to apply an action to them? Trov helps you take account of the items in your life as a personal cloud app to share the value and securely organize the “things” you own.


By barcode scanning, emailing receipts, using third party database integrations and a plethora of additional connectivity modules Trov lets you catalogue information about the things you own and automatically saves it for future use. Maybe you want to add insurance or keep track of product insurance, possibly warranty details or maintenance records are essential to be recorded—Trov does it all.


TinyTorch helps businesses share engaging and relevant content on social media

78% of consumers say that the posts made by companies on social media influence their purchases but more than 65% of businesses struggle to produce enough engaging content to build their social following says Calgary startup TinyTorch. The startup helps businesses find and post content that not only is relevant but engaging to post on social media.


In less than the time it takes to get a cup of java brewing TinyTorch allows business to find and schedule a months wroth of content. Businesses and brands can also create their own custom content, and then save it to their profile for their own use or for other businesses and brands to share. Unlike some of their competitors, that only provide you with a content stream of trending news links, “we recognized that visual and original content get more likes and higher engagement. That is why our social content is custom created by social media experts, designers, and bloggers, who want to expose their skills, websites, and knowledge to a network of businesses and their social audiences ” tells co-founder Jon Bradshaw.


The world’s largest BMX, Skateboard, MTB, Wakeboard, Ski, Snowboard and Longboard tricks database


Riders is an app for the extreme sport enthusiast—the athletes that not only live on the snow, skate and bike parks, and on the waves that want to learn new tricks, improve skills and share progress with a global community. With an acclaimed largest database of trick how-to videos, Riders helps users of their app learn tricks and improve their riding skills.


A tea cup that’s a SlingsHOT

One of our most popular articles of all time was our share of the Fogring. The little donut shaped device would fit into a tea cup and used ultrasound while it floated on water to become a humidifier. The little ideas that fit in or relate to a tea cup definitely astound and inspire us. That’s why this invention by Samir Sufi made us jump from our seats.

teacup slingshot

The Tea Cup SlingsHOT takes a traditional tea cup and turns into a marvel of usability. Any tea lover will tell you one of the greatest frustrations with enjoying the warm beverage is making sure to get every inch of taste from a tea bag along with getting rid of the soaked bag as well. Usually it finds us pressing a spoon against the outer walls of a teacup while the bag oozes out it’s deliciousness, but that get’s tiresome.


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