JBF veggie-recipes from award winning chefs

Daniel Humm, Mario Batali, Grant Achatz, and many others have been privileged to be honoured with a James Beard Award for excellence in the culinary arts. JFB (James Beard Foundation) is a non-profit organization celebrates, nurtures, and honours America’s diverse culinary heritage through programs that educate and inspire.


The organization that stands behind the statement “Food matters” has released a new iOS app to help at home cooks learn from the greats that have been celebrated with a JFB award. James Beard Foundation Vegetables provides a rolodex of recipes that are vegetable-focused from the previous winners of their award.


Mismatched socks to prevent blindness

Sometimes the laundry monster gets them, sometimes they look like finger gloves, other times their simple and classy, socks are wild and socks are simple but they always are there to keep your toes warm like a good friend ready to hug you hello. Maybe that’s a bit overstated, but there was a resurgence of sock based startups in the last few years, most of which focused on stylish and funky alternatives to the norm.


New startup SWAP Socks, has an original take on the foot fashion trend, founders Roger Nahum, Match Du Toit, and Cole Page are selling socks that are mismatched on purpose. And although the idea has strong fashion fundamentals, the project is more importantly donating 50% of its profits to Seva foundation, a charity focused on bettering lives of the visually impaired.


Friday Quick Links


TrackingTime is a free, cloud-based and collaborative time tracking app that helps freelancers and companies manage their projects, track working times and measure productivity.

The nicest place on the internet!!!!!! Can we add more exclamation marks!!!!!

A photo-sharing app with location and time delay that lets users send photos at the most opportune moment.

Fresh, Authentic Spice Blends. Created by Top Chefs For Globally Inspired Home Meals. Direct to Your Door For Only $6/Month.

Learning more about Bitcoin with this Kickstarter project.

SparkPage is a Lifecycle Marketing platform for Web & Mobile Apps that lets marketers build messaging workflows with Emails, Sms and Push Notifications, and provides A/B testing which ups conversion.


All of your favorite parts of the web in one place, on any screen.

Your tunes, blended with content from around the web. But the name enough makes us want to know more: Peanut Butter & Jams!

Get numbers where you need them. Cascade calls and collaborate with your team, wherever they are. The phone system designed for teams.

Google Calendar with shared notes and attachments.

Meet the blogging platform your startup is going to love called missinglettr.


3D printed sunglasses with a fashion focus

3D printing is still relevant, although the number of stories and startups we come aware of through submissions has been dropping, the industry is still thriving. There might be a little lull but the trend we think will be back on the upswing as crafters begin to find new niche industries for product builds. Kobrin is one of those companies, with 3D printed glasses that have a fashion forward stamp, the startup is accompanying technology with hand craftsmanship to define 3D printed products that are of higher quality. It’ll be companies like Kobrin that will be the identity of 3D printing in the future.


By reducing waste, being more eco-friendly and involving customers in the development process, each product can be personalized and have the fashion edge that 3D printing can offer. The difference between Kobrin and any other is their brand position of being a fashion design brand totally focused on 3D printing. Rather than the mass production solution, Kobrin details itself with design, print, refinement, assembly and packaging one product at a time.


Organize and discover the web on Channelkit

There’s a handful of platforms to organize web pages that you want to remember for later. They all help you manage your personal database of inspiration, DIY’s, designs, travel locations and every other category your heart and mind will want to utilize later. Some also allow you to collaborate and share with others, but few help with discovery as well as Channelkit does.


Channelkit lets you organize and share links to websites, articles, places, videos and anything else you might need on the web. You group your web links into “channels” and add notes and tags to make it easy to find and share just like any other web library. Your web finds can be saved through the web application, via a bookmarklet and by emailing the link as well.


Oivo uses four AA batteries but is still the smallest iPhone charger ever

Living with a drained battery half way through the day is sadly still a norm for many of our smartphone device choices. Technology advancements lead to screens big as tablets, faster processors, and oodles of storage, but battery life still remains an unsolved mystery.


There have been countless battery solutions that entail accessories, backup packs, and charging stations. From startups to the big brands the solutions to help cope with a dying battery in the worst of times are easily attainable, but few if any are as pint-sized and powerful as the Oivo.


Toronto Transit Appsplosion! Part 2: Best in Show

On Thursday, we at New-Startups.com presented our roundup of 46 transit apps in use in the Toronto area. Now that each app has given its proper breakdown, it is time to hand out the awards!


Since every user has their own specific need or something they value, we have created nine different award categories each looking at a specific feature. “Most Reliable”, for example, looks at apps that perform well, load quick, and don’t shut down on you. For each category, New-Startups.com will select what we feel is the best, most representative app on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry. At the end, we break down what we feel are the absolute best choices overall for each OS.


Friday quick links


The wallet sized engagement ring case. $100.

How much should you tip? Answers based on your country found here.

The Strange & Curious Tale of the Last True Hermit. A long read via GQ that has incredible insights about a man that decided to give it all up to be alone in the woods. There’s more to the story and the insights given into his thinking are ones worth reading.

Hovee recently launched as a new way to ride-share.

UI heads will love this! A reel from the Guardians of the Galaxy showcasing all the amazing interfaces.

Your kids will love it. Oogi.

kuro cube

The Kuro Cube purifies and refreshes your refrigerator naturally without the use of chemicals. Made by hand of powdered, compressed White charcoal that’s naturally activated during a controlled burning process. Activated white charcoal reduces odors by adsorbing gasses. It also produces a healthier environment and keeps food fresh longer.

Ever favorite links on twitter and forget to get back to them? Once a week, Hubbble will send you an e-mail containing all the tweets with links that you have favorited through out the week.

The Bible of Barbecue.

Steven is an app that shares where you are with an emoji.

Tips and tools on how to use Evernote with your client projects.

Our 100th Friday Quick Links!

We couldn’t be prouder and we couldn’t be more excited to bring you our next 100! Keep submitting your startups and we’ll keep sharing them along with the incredible ideas, businesses, and stuff in general we think is worth sharing!


Toronto Transit Appsplosion! Part 1: 46 Apps Reviewed

Toronto: big city, bigger transit problems. Whether you are commuting for work, trying to locate that hot new restaurant, or wondering how much longer the next bus will be (after just missing the first, #$%^*!), the rise of transportation- and navigation-based apps in the last few years has thankfully provided plenty of options to find the better way.

Actually, perhaps there are too many! Take a glance at any of the app stores for Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows Phone, and BlackBerry, and you will find an absolute glut of transit app overload. Some are less imaginatively named (apparently, ‘Toronto Transit Tracker’ is good enough…for two different apps), some are prettier, and some are just plain better. So how are you going to tell which is which?


Rubber bands are turned into flexible sensors with graphene

Apps and wearable technology for health, fitness and wellness were popping up all over the place this past summer. And the trend isn’t expected to stop. The entire health industry is going through a tech-revolution and with more startups and makers focusing efforts to build stronger intelligent products consumerism in healthcare will follow the upward trajectory.


Graphene is about to do to material science what Nike fuel bands have done for wearable fitness tracking. Researchers from Trinity College Dublin and the University of Surrey in the UK have transformed traditional and highly elastic rubber bands with grapheme into a sensor that provides electromechanical responses to movement when deformed – called the G-band.