The Pop-Up Pinhole Project has a new tiny-friend

Over a year ago Kelly Angood relished in success and acclaim for her Pop-Up Pinhole Project on Kickstarter. No only inventive and functional in idea the cameras were stunning pieces of art. The camera would let users assemble it themselves with provided card stock. The project ended up doubling it’s goal and now she’s returned to Kickstarter with a min-version of her initial project.


Called the VIDDY, the DIY camera’s provide both medium format ant 35mm film and like the original these pint-size cameras pack a punch of design that makes you want to smirk with pleasure.


R3lish helps you tell 30-second stories

Those that work in a creative agency will tell you the power of messaging through video, and they’ll also tell you the costs to produce a powerful, beautiful and well told story can cost more than what a small business would want to spend. The cost for a video interview with b-roll can range anywhere from $1000 – $10,000 depending on equipment, the need for graphics, and the professional behind the lens. It’s a cost that can bring incredible conversion results, but a cost is a cost that can be hard to fathom for smaller scale businesses.


R3lish is a story builder app that has been successful for some time out of San Francisco. That app that connects people with their passions is adding a new component that lets anyone become a cinematographer with their iPhone.


Friday quick links


Smarty Pins by Google.

Using data from Open Secrets, Greenhouse is a plugin that gives more details about politicians names in articles you read.

Because you know you need it. The Flux Capacitor USB Charger. $25.

GoTenna lets you setup your own encrypted messaging system.

Porigami – Laser cut popup-cards.

How are Americans spending money. A real-time analysis.

Imoji turns your selfies into stickers for texting.


Shoptagr competes for place as price-watching tool of choice

When Shoptagr co-founders Jonathan Friedman and Ronen Yuval-Hoch met in 2012, they both had experience building and launching startups. But Friedman credits his fiancé for the inspiration to develop Shoptagr: “One day I told Ronen about how my fiancé could spend hours checking back and forth on price drops [of items] she wanted in her size and preferred color. We quickly discovered that the process was totally broken, as people actually hunt for sales online like they do offline. This really inspired us to create a solid solution.”


They both eventually left their jobs to raise a pre-seed round of capital and co-found Shoptagr – an ecommerce price-watching tool.


Czech artist Moravec hacks his own transport using urban infrastructure

The traditional pallet has dimensions of 1200x800mm. The space between tram tracks in most cities is above that width, but not in Slovakian capital Bratislava. What does this all mean: opportunities to create a custom travel solution using existing infrastructure.


That was the thought by Czech artist Moravec whom noticed the tram rail design back in 2008. But what he did next is inventive, genious and affordable. Using four wheels affixed to the bottom of a pallet he designed a new kind of “skateboard”. One that would lay flat on the tram tracks and allow him to ride as if it the infrastructre was designed just for him.


Snail Mail My Email

The good people at Snail Mail My Email are brining correspondence back to the traditional. When there used to not be smartphones and the internet a tap away, buying stamps and handwriting was the usual way to stay in touch.

snail mail email

A group of volunteers will take your emails and re-write them as handwritten notes. Each piece of email will then be mailed to someone in the world, for free.


I’m focused man

There are countless ways we tackle staying focused on tasks. Maybe it’s being in a room away from all others, maybe it’s disconnecting from the world by moving to the wilderness, or maybe we can simply install an app?

focus reddit blocked

Focus is a new utility app for Mac users to stay on task and not be derailed when we ultimately want to visit those time-wasting sites. Once installed you tell the software what sites you want to be unpermitted to view. Then once turned on you’re hit with motivational quotes to encourage focus if you ever try to visit one of the sites from your created list.


Friday quick links

airbnb rebrand

The rebrand of AirBnB. Love it or hate it the story behind it is compelling. And of course the thoughts from AirBnB themselves.

How much social good ipsum do you need?

This lamp brings the weather indoors.

Schnapps. Create time-lapse videos of your designs.

The EcoDrain recycles the hot water that going down the drain in your shower. It then reuses it to heat cold water that’s coming in.

The craftsman that build with just his or her hands always has a compelling story.

Winners of the 2014 iPhone Photography Awards.


Store and hang your bikes anywhere with CLUG

It’s summer for many of us and riders are everywhere. But if you’re a rider when not on the roads or trails of your personal urban maze where and how are you storing your bikes? Are they clustered with your partners’ wheels behind the couch? Maybe standing in the middle of a hallway just waiting for an energetic spirit to simply tap the handlebars resulting in a now fully un-passable pathway. The opportunities for better bicycle storage inventions are boundless.


The CLUG is a discrete and tiny wall-mounted clip that grabs hold of your bikes tires so it can be stored or hung anywhere. Designed by Vancouver agency Hurdler the clips build any suffocating indoor space into a bike storage facility that’s secure while keeping the aesthetic of your household in tact.