It’s like Mint, but for your stuff!

You own a ton of “things”, these “things” are placed everywhere, from your home to storage lockers to under your bed, but what are these “things” worth and what if you needed to apply an action to them? Trov helps you take account of the items in your life as a personal cloud app to share the value and securely organize the “things” you own.


By barcode scanning, emailing receipts, using third party database integrations and a plethora of additional connectivity modules Trov lets you catalogue information about the things you own and automatically saves it for future use. Maybe you want to add insurance or keep track of product insurance, possibly warranty details or maintenance records are essential to be recorded—Trov does it all.


TinyTorch helps businesses share engaging and relevant content on social media

78% of consumers say that the posts made by companies on social media influence their purchases but more than 65% of businesses struggle to produce enough engaging content to build their social following says Calgary startup TinyTorch. The startup helps businesses find and post content that not only is relevant but engaging to post on social media.


In less than the time it takes to get a cup of java brewing TinyTorch allows business to find and schedule a months wroth of content. Businesses and brands can also create their own custom content, and then save it to their profile for their own use or for other businesses and brands to share. Unlike some of their competitors, that only provide you with a content stream of trending news links, “we recognized that visual and original content get more likes and higher engagement. That is why our social content is custom created by social media experts, designers, and bloggers, who want to expose their skills, websites, and knowledge to a network of businesses and their social audiences ” tells co-founder Jon Bradshaw.


The world’s largest BMX, Skateboard, MTB, Wakeboard, Ski, Snowboard and Longboard tricks database


Riders is an app for the extreme sport enthusiast—the athletes that not only live on the snow, skate and bike parks, and on the waves that want to learn new tricks, improve skills and share progress with a global community. With an acclaimed largest database of trick how-to videos, Riders helps users of their app learn tricks and improve their riding skills.


A tea cup that’s a SlingsHOT

One of our most popular articles of all time was our share of the Fogring. The little donut shaped device would fit into a tea cup and used ultrasound while it floated on water to become a humidifier. The little ideas that fit in or relate to a tea cup definitely astound and inspire us. That’s why this invention by Samir Sufi made us jump from our seats.

teacup slingshot

The Tea Cup SlingsHOT takes a traditional tea cup and turns into a marvel of usability. Any tea lover will tell you one of the greatest frustrations with enjoying the warm beverage is making sure to get every inch of taste from a tea bag along with getting rid of the soaked bag as well. Usually it finds us pressing a spoon against the outer walls of a teacup while the bag oozes out it’s deliciousness, but that get’s tiresome.


Friday quick links

drift bike

The ultimate drifting bike.

Thanks to Dillon Carter for adding us to his 7 Best Entrepreneur Blogs list.

Wello is a health tracker that’s ever so simple and smart. And because it doubles as a phone cover.

Exciting ideas about how to do a better job explaining the news. Our theory is simple: the quicker we can launch, the quicker we can start learning — and start improving. A snippet from the welcome article on new startup Vox: a service telling the news while explaining what goes into the reporting as well.

Reinventing the guitar pick.

Are selfies a mental disorder?

Amazon launches Amazon Dash to effortlessly add items to your grocery list.

Five Reasons Not To Raise Venture Capital.

rottenapple bike seat

The Rotten Apple experiment finds ways to make our surroundings more useable.

Beyonce – the brand. A great read.

This may be the coolest desk ever made.

Smart advertising with 3D.

Decline of the mobile web. And the response by Fred Wilson.


Better user experiences for your address

Building a better user experience is a paramount of concern for developers and designers alike. The need for a product to be simple, fluid and full of eye-candy can’t be understated. But with everything there are elements within a build where there may not be a solution that’s effective enough one of which is the multitude of times we as users have to add in address information during registrations, payment gateways and in various settings.


Coddress believes the burden of this specific portion of a users experience can be greatly reduced with their new address platform – making every circumstance of entering addresses easier and faster. The small three-person team from South Korea sympathizes with the inconvenient of having to consistently enter address information and have developed a solution to help improve these problems.


The Growth Chart by Beanstalk Labs

Do you remember when you were growing up and your parents would mark your height on the wall at home? The idea for the Growth Chart is heavily grounded in our experiences as children. Co-fonder Danny Nathan has fond memories of his parents marking heights on the wall of where he grew up. But in his case those memories were penciled into two different homes, resulting in memories that can no longer be re-lived. Emotional ties that is a shame to have been lost.

beanstalk labs

“We set out to create a product that would celebrate the long-standing tradition of tracking a child’s growth/height over time, but do so in a way that would allow the progress to move with a family. Our Growth Chart is both movable and, if need be, easily replaceable so that those memories can stick with a family. We also wanted to rethink how this tradition might fit into the world of today’s parents and children.”


Drinking with authenticity, is my beer a craft brew?

If one thing seems to be a constant with the definition of a startup it usually seems to be beer. In the past we’ve talked about apps such as Untapped to meet other beer connoisseurs looking for craft beers. Now a new app has launched to ensure what you’re drinking truly is a microbrew.

beer craft check

The craft beer market has boomed over the recent years, the evidence shows in the grand number of craft beer festivals that are launching when in the past a show hardly ever existed. The growing acclaim for microbrews has even found it’s way into larger breweries providing their own signature craft brews to keep back competitors in their beverage market.


Friday quick links


Robot Head Portable Charger. £34.99

“Creative entrepreneur clients struggle with how to share about themselves and their businesses.” Braid shares their not-so-secret formula.

Share your videos, photos, music, links and docs — instantly and easily

Get recommendations of the best tools for your startup, and for your role.

Shyp will pick up, pack and ship your packages.

Discover, follow and never miss out on the things you love. It’s free!

Bitrunner is a game that asks you mine, discover, and buy with virtual bitcoins.

SnapClasp turns your Instagram’s into buttons.


Siri but with a face, Nuji app for the acute shopper

Some have described it as Siri with a face—the popular Nuji web platform is coming out with their own new mobile app for the acute shopper. Since London-based Nuji launched their website, visitors have flocked to build and browse wishlists and follow top brands or the most prestigious fashion editors. Helping users to find clothing, accessories and home wares, Nuji has been a prominent fixture in the online shopping experience for years.

nuji app

Now with a soon to be released mobile app the shopping platform is taking all their experience, products and social build and packing it all for use in a handheld. It may be easy to say however that there are already numerous solutions for fashion discovery, well the difference here is the personality behind the experience.