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This category features posts related to entrepreneurship, business owner interviews, tools for businesses and what the startup community is doing. Here you’ll find tips and tricks for new business owners as well as read up on what’s been happening in the new business development sectors of the world.

A New

Over the past year we’ve seen our site grow considerably in terms of traffic and everyday readers. For that I thank you! At the same time however other sites have grown their startup content and have put a stronger focus on entrepreneurship making what was an untapped market overly saturated with discovery sites.

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We pride ourselves in finding those gems that very few have found the time to share, but at the same time we know we can be doing so much more. Over the past year we tested different ideas internally on how we can grow to grow past than a discovery site for innovative and fun ideas. None of them stuck and we continued on our current course until we pass on the right product for you.


How to Plan and Market a Product Launch Event

how to plan a launch party

If your business has worked hard to develop a great product, the best way to make sure everybody knows about it is through a launch event. If you have never planned such an event before, you may be looking for a few ideas on how to plan and market it successfully. The following how-to guide has been compiled to give first time launch event planners an insight into the preparation required.


Join Community on Google+

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In addition to Twitter and Facebook, we’re excited to let you know that now you can join the community on Google+! We’ll be using Google+ to let you know about latest new business ideas, entrepreneurship, and startup news.


The Work Republic

The concept of co-working really ain’t new. Since their inception in the Valley, the notion of working for yourself, but not by yourself has really made everyone wonder why co-working spots haven’t been around for much longer. One problem, is that co-working centres are generally located in the heart of the city, leaving many creative entrepreneurs and freelancers living in the peripheries without easier access to the incredible creative, social, and collaborative atmosphere offered by co-working spots.


New York City Start-Ups To Watch in 2011

In 2010, New York City took the world by surprise, unleashing a flood of start-ups and funding power, giving Silicon Valley a run for its money, literally. Start-ups like Gilt Groupe and Etsy have already proved their potential to attract mass markets outside of the tech community. Meanwhile Meetup, Tumblr and Foursquare have created numerous connections within the tech community, spawning so many opportunities for entrepreneurs, engineers and tech enthusiasts to create and grow new business ideas that could very well turn into their own multi-million dollar enterprises.


Working with Friends

Working with friends can be the best decision anyone can make or it could be the start of a rift between people. Businesses often start out with friends coming together with an idea and a hope that because of their bond they can succeed together. However, sometimes as a business grows, a friendship can become strained


Students and New Business Ideas

New startups happen everyday and at various stages in our lives, but the growth and fostering of these ideas are not always prevalent early in our developmental lives. Sometimes ideas can only become real when we have the money or are looking to make life changing decisions to alter the course of our lives.


Building Knowledge and Skill

Every entrepreneur has a skill and an idea. It’s that skill and idea that propels you to take the leap into building your own business. Developing the idea and selling it are all parts of the process, but probably the biggest element for any business and yourself would be to continue building knowledge and skill.


10 Creative Business Cards

Your brand identity should always be of paramount concern no matter what industry your in, and be given special attention when starting a new company. For every company the business card becomes as essential to an identity as does their website. The business card is a physical touch-point that is a tangible bond between you and your audience.


Importance of New Business Branding

Building a brand means building the foundation of your company. By starting a new business you dream of building long-term relationships with clients to craft a message that will send a clear and concise brand message. No matter what your offering, stationary, packaging, environment, or website, everything your customer can see is another opportunity to leverage and reinforce your brand to create that stronger connection with your customers.