Cloud Photos Saves Your iPhone Photos to Dropbox Automatically

cloud photos

We recently were using to create a mini app that sent us an SMS whenever our team uploaded an image to DropBox. But while playing with that app idea we realized there wasn’t an easy to use service or app that lets us sync our iPhone Camera Roll to our DropBox account for the entire team to share. Toronto based startup Syrp Inc. has just released their first product called Cloud Photos: an app that connects your photos directly to the cloud.

Syrp Inc., founded by two brothers Andrew and Jonathan Norris, created Cloud Photos to connect your photos directly to the cloud so you’ll never have to worry about losing photos again and new photos taken with the app are automatically synced to Dropbox keeping them secure, safe and accessible in the cloud. It’s needless to say that this app is very, very useful – for instance, last year on our company trip to Japan, photos were taken on an iPod Touch, but accidently upon arrival back home, the iPod Touch was reset to default settings and all the glorious adventures and photos were lost forever – If only Clould Photos existed then, our memories would have been saved to the cloud.

cloud photos interface

The app acts not only as a sync between Dropbox and your iPhone, Cloud Photos also provides gallery management, social sharing and emailing functions and professional camera functions to snap a shot with the correct white balance, focus and exposure. And it does all this by saving approx. 40x the storage space normally allocated to saving a photo. Cloud Photos will save only a thumbnail of your photos on your device while allowing you to grab larger views and originals from the cloud so you can use your device storage space on other things, like videos, media and other apps.

cloud photos screenshot

What we find even more appealing is the design of the application. The Syrp Inc. team tells us:

“We have spent the time to design a user interface with Cloud Photos that we believe will be able to scale and support many more photo sharing and hosting services in the future. It is our goal to build Cloud Photos into a platform where you can manage your photos across multiple services with one mobile application.”

Cloud Photos does a very useful task simply and easily – by auto uploading to the cloud after taking a picture with the app, you still can share, view and sync albums with your family and friends or send them links and individual photos. Cloud Photos currently supports Dropbox, with the vision to be the centralized app to capture and control your photos across multiple services. Get it now at the app store.

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