Vimeo Music Store

vimeo music store

Vimeo launched their new Music Store service in September, a new service that should make it easier for video creators to discover and use music for their works, but it wasn’t until recently that we got to test how fun and inexpensive it was to use the service developed by the popular video sharing site.

With tracks being offered at $1.99 for Personal usage and $98.00 for Commercial usage, the Vimeo Music Store helps by-pass one of the most difficult aspects of video creation (obtaining a license for copyrighted content). Along with the economical pricing model, Vimeo also implemented a dead simple interface that makes previewing, filtering, searching and purchasing the music track needed. User’s can search via genre and tags or utilize the advanced search to filter through 100+ categories of metadata that define tempo to mood. You can even download Free (Creative Commons Licensed) tracks for personal usage-music that would have been much more difficult to find if the video platform giant didn’t make it so much more accessible.

music store

Although currently the majority of the 45,000+ tracks available to be chosen from don’t come from well-known musicians, the opportunity to discover new music at an affordable rate is very appealing for consumers and provides exposure for musicians. Most of tracks are coming through Audiosocket (an API offering network of 33,000+ tracks from various artists) and FMA, which showcases over 11,000 tracks with a Creative Commons License.

Obtaining music that aren’t as well known, for videos, isn’t always the most appealing thought. But the Vimeo Music Store does help inspire ideas for music integration and offers a great chance to discover something brand new. The Vimeo Music Store will surely grow and more well known tracks hopefully be added to the catalogue, and if it doesn’t happen right away at least we’re one step closer to being able to legally use popular music in personal videos.

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