Disrupting The Haircut Industry With MyKlipsPics

“I went to the barber shop today and they asked me how I want my hair cut… I never know how to answer this question… and it makes me uncomfortable. I want an app where I can just choose from a series of cuts / prior photos of me / maybe do a little on-screen editing, and then say—MAKE IT LIKE THAT.”


Those were the words from founder of Drop.io and now Facebook’s Director of Product Development Samuel W. Lessin. Well lucky for Samuel and everyone else feeling uncomfortable with the “how should I cut my hair” question there’s a new app to simplify the haircut process. MyKlipsPics allows users to show their stylist photos of their desired haircuts instead of relying on verbal explanations.

Users upload photos of their favorite haircuts, hairstyles, beard trims, and even eyebrows, store detailed notes of how it was accomplished to share with every hair stylist when in that “chair”. For a process that truly is out of one’s control, MyKlipsPics looks to advance some control measures so the “haircut-ee” can be assured that the barber is fully aware of what the end look should be and not a too high fade or side-hawk.


Built in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and founded by Drexel University student Skyler Logsdon he himself had issues with getting a good haircut when he moved from California to Philadelphia. “I went to a different salon or barbershop every month, and during that 9 month struggle, I had some embarrassing hack jobs that definitely required me wearing a hat for a few weeks. After 9 months of getting hack job haircuts, I finally found a great barber in Philadelphia and I’ve been going to him ever since.”

Before his new barber could do exactly what he wanted Skyler first went back to California to visit family. Through a stylist session in Santa Barbara he decided to take a pic of the cut he fell in love with to tell his barber back in Philly to do it exactly the same. That’s when the “WOW” moment came to Skyler and the build for MyKlipsPics began. Now the app is available for download on the App Store.

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