Mail A Tale: Monthly children’s book subscription

Were you part of team Berenstain or Paddington? That’s the decisions that plague children before they become tweenies and are force-fed the Twilight Saga. A team of five has founded a new startup to give kids the chance a new way to dig up and discover millions of book titles at their very own doorstep – before they get too old and Amos & Boris aren’t “cool” anymore.

mail a tale

Mail A Tale is a monthly subscription of hand-curated children’s books delivered right to your door. For just $19.95 a month you can receive the basic package which includes 1 hardcover or 2 softcover books, or $39.95 for the book box plus that gives you 4 softcover or 2 hardcover books.

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When you register you will be asked to fill in a reader’s profile, which will help the team behind Mail A Tale with recommendations from parents, educators and guest authors each month, going through both new books and old ones, pick appropriate books from their massive catalogue for your child and you to curl up with. We all know how awesome the iPad is for kids and learning, but nothing will ever replace holding and reading a book to your favorite boy or girl.


Oct. 2013: This service may no longer be available, we are attempting to connect with the founders to get more information.

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  • Kelli

    I am trying to get more info on Mail A Tale but the website is either not the right one or isn’t working properly…The website goes to a page that talks about interior design.


      Keli, we will look into this, it may be that they stopped working on this startup.